Donald Trump hires new defence team to fight impeachment

Full Text of President Joe Biden’s Inaugural Speech As 46th American President

President Donald Trump Released a Farewell Message

Melania Trump Goodbye Message Promotes “Love Over Hatred, Peace Over Violence”

2021: Crisis in Aso Rock will shake Nigeria, Niger Delta will clash with Fulani, Governor will die – Prophet Okikijesu

12 Things Buhari Said In 2021 New Year Speech

Arizona State Certifies Joe Biden’s Win

‘There Is No Way Biden Got 80,000,000 Votes!!! This Was A 100% Rigged Election’ – Donald Trump

Who Is Janet Yellen? All What You Need To Know About The First Woman Appointed By Joe Biden To Lead Treasury Department

Ghana Election 2020: Pressure Gov’t To Fix Our Roads Else We Won’t Give You Sex – Nkorang Women To Their Husband’s

Payment Platform Crisis: Nigeria May Drop IPPIS For ASUU, Others As Opposition Grows

2023: I will become President like Joe Biden – Pastor Tunde Bakare

#EndSARS: CAC Deregisters ‘Enough Is Enough’ In Error

International Election Experts Invited By Trump Says The Election Was Honest

Prophet Badu: The Votes Are For Biden But The Seat Is For Trump (Video)

Trump Fires Defence Secretary, Mark Esper, Appoints Miller In Acting Capacity

Falz To Buhari: You Clearly Know Nothing About Respecting The Will Of The People

Donald Trump Statement On US Election 2020: “The Election Is Far From Over”

‘An outpouring of hope’: Joe Biden addresses Americans after election victory (Video)

Dipo Awojide Condemns BBNaija Stars Getting State Government Appointments

Okonjo-iweala: WTO Postpones Meeting To Pick New DG

List Of Endsars Promoters Whose Accounts Were Blocked By CBN

Joe Biden Wins US Presidential Election 2020

Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff, tests positive for coronavirus

Speaker Pelosi Calls Biden ‘President-Elect’

Mark Esper To Resign As Trump’s Defense Secretary

Jonathan To Trump: It Is Better To Gain Honour At The Cost Of Losing Power

Six States Results To Decide US Presidential Poll Winner

Donald Trump Junior Calls For ‘Total War’ Over Presidential Election

Donald Trump’s Supporters Pray & Speak In Tongues At Clark County (See Video)

US Election 2020: Protests Rock New York, Portland And Other Cities

US election: Donald Trump laments as Joe Biden inches towards victory

US Election 2020: Biden Prepares For Presidency, Launches Transition Website

Donald Trump’s Fan Storms Press Conference To Accuse Joe Biden Of Stealing (See Video)

Paula White: Angels Are Coming From Africa – Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Prays (See Video)

U.S. Supreme Court May Not Have Final Say In Election, Despite Trump Threat

US Election Results 2020: Biden nears 270 with just 5 states left to make a call.

Boko Haram Burnt Takulashi, Borno Village After Air Force ‘Ignored Rescue Call

Donald Duke’s 59th Birthday Cake Made By His Wife, With His Face On It

#EndSARS Protests Will Return in Two Weeks if Issues Are Not Addressed, says Former Nigerian Minister

“I Didn’t Mean To Be Insensitive, Even The Best Of Us Make Mistakes” – Desmond Elliot Apologizes To Nigerians

Obasanjo Speaks On EndSARS Protests, Urges Youths To Stop The Protests

#ENDSARS: It’s Your Right To Protest, Buhari Tells Youths

ENDSARS: Protesters Hold Sunday Service Outside Lagos State Govt House (Photos)

#ENDSARS: FFK, Alfred Martins Warn NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT Over Deployment Of Soldiers

#EndSARS Protesters Raise Funds To Buy A Protester Prosthetic Leg

Chinese tycoon who called President Xi a ‘clown’ is jailed for 18 years

US 2020 Election: Trump calls mail-in voting a ‘scam”

Igbos Must Love Themselves Before Becoming Nigeria’s President: Arthur Eze

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