September 28, 2021


The impact of effective representation in these federal constituencies cannot be undermined. Those elected to represent the people have to carry out their work effectively. if the people are not duly represented, a lot of things will go wrong. 

what is a constituency in politics?

According to Google’s English dictionary provided by Oxford Languages:


plural noun: constituencies

  • a group of voters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body. “most politicians are more interested in the voice of their constituency”
  • British an area whose voters elect a representative to a legislative body. “a parliamentary candidate in the Hampstead and Highgate constituency”
  • a group of people with shared interests or political opinions. “the right needed to move beyond its blue-blood constituency”


When the people are effectively and duly represented, their problems, worries and issues are presented to the government who in turn provides the necessary solutions.

The federal government can’t know or won’t know all that happens in the Local government without the help of those elected to represent the people. when the people are effectively represented, the much needed development and growth is brought to them. when the consistencies are duly represented, the lawmaker makes known competing needs of his/her constituents and through dialogue or consultation, prioritize such with a view to pursuing their accomplishment as agreed to by the majority of the stakeholders. 

The impact of effective representation will be seen on the improved lifestyle and standard of living of the people, if the members of the community are duly represented, development/ growth will surely get to the area and this happens because the representative who speaks on behalf of the people is always giving reports on issues affecting this area.

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Through effective representation the issues of unemployment and poverty can be ruled out and this is achieved through empowerment and sensitization of the people.

Through effective representation, the government knows the Level of unemployment in the constituency and knows the empowerment programme to introduce that would be beneficial and suit the people.

Effective representation of the constituency will give the people a voice that will be heard (both locally and internationally) on issues that are affecting them, their voice will be heard and the issues affecting them will be put into consideration and solutions will be provided.

Effective representation gives room for access to government, the Representatives serves as the link between the people and the government,  they relate the problems and worries the people pass through to the government, and in return the government gives speedy answer/solutions to the problem. The culture and cultural practices will be promoted. 

Effective representation has a great impact on the development and growth of the community and it’s people, it brings the people well needed  development facilities and necessities like better healthcare services and facilities, accessible roads, good schools and educational facilities. it can also facilitate the empowerment and employment of people of the constituency.

Through effective representation, the federal government knows when to come in or intervene in the immediate activities of the state, the representative would always plead the case of the citizens before the government and in times of emergency and need they would inform the federal government in the things the constituencies are lacking, how to improve the standard of living of those in the constituent.    

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In conclusion, the impact of effective  representation can not be undermined or underrated, because effective representation of the constituencies is a vital tool for development, growth and recognition of the constituencies.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera



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