If you are a Catholic, these are the thing to know about the Roman Catholic church as supported with facts from secular history books and all encyclopedia, that your religion was founded in the year 33AD by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem that flourished in Rome through Apostles Peter and Paul (1Pet.5:13, Rom.1:7). It was Christ himself that ordered St. Paul to go to Rome just as how he had testified in Jerusalem (Acts 23:11). And Christ chose St. Peter (which means Rock) to lead the single Church he founded (Mat.16:18). The only Christian Church that can traced its origin back to the Apostles through its unbroken link of leaders (Pope) is no other than the Catholic Church. Presently, there are already 267 popes from St. Peter to Pope Francis.

All Protestant “churches” have a founder who is not Jesus Christ – just mere fallible humans. There is no escaping to this fact. And claiming that your newly found church is the original Church of Christ is a dishonest and quite frankly a lie. As the former Protestant convert to Catholicism John Henry Newman had said:

“To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”


1. The New Book of Knowledge, Page 287

“Roman Catholic Church –the history of the Roman Catholic Church begun in an upper room in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago. About 120 persons were gathered there. They were followers of Jesus Christ, and they were awaiting the coming of Holy Spirit he had promised to send them from heaven. The day on which the Holy Spirit came down is considered the birthday of the Church. The Church may be described as the society that Jesus founded, which is vitalized by the Spirit of God and organized to a structure which he establish. The history of Roman Catholic Church traces the destinies of that society from its beginning until now.”

2. The World Almanac and Book of Facts Page 688

“Roman Catholics –traditionally founded by Jesus who named St. Peter the 1stvicar, developed in early Christian proselytizing, especially after the conversion of imperial Rome in the 4thcentury.”

3. The Old World and America, Page 100

“More than 1900 years ago, Jesus Christ Son of God, came upon earth to save mankind. After His atoning death on the cross He rose glorious and immortal. Before leaving this world to go to the Father, Our Lord founded the Catholic Church and gave to that Church the command to teach all nations.”

4. The New Webster’s Dictionary of English Language Page 155.

” Catholic – of the original Christian Church before the schism between East and West – of the Roman or Western Church after this schism and before the reformation.”

5. International Encyclopedia, Volume 20, Page 520

“Roman Catholic Church – There are two equally valid definition of the Catholic Church, comparable to the twofold nature of Jesus Christ, its founder, who was both human and divine.”

6. Young Students Encyclopedia, Volume 17, Page 261

“Roman Catholicism – the largest of the Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church. As an institution it has existed since the 1stcentury AD. For the first 1,000 years all christians belongs to Catholic Church”

7. Compton’s Encyclopedia & Fact-Index, Volume 20, Page 2024

“Roman Catholic Church – For the first thousand years after the death of Jesus Christ, all Christians were members of one religion – Christianity. There were no separate sects, or branches, of Christianity as there are today. The word “catholic” means “universal,” and for those first thousand years, all Christians were members of the Catholic Church.”

8. Grollier Encyclopedia, Volume V, page 106

“Catholic Church – (Gr. Katholikos, universal, general). Term generally applied to the Divine society founded by Jesus Christ, and endowed by the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost”

9. Encyclopedia Britannica

“Catholic Church – a Christian church that has been the decisive spiritual force in the history of western civilization. The Catholic Church traces its history to Jesus Christ and the Apostles”

10. The New American Desk Encyclopedia, Page 267

“Catholic Church – the community of Christian believers, a society founded by Jesus Christ. It is One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic”

11. The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.13, Page 5730

“The Catholic Church recognizes the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, as the vicar of Christ on Earth. It traces its origin from the naming of Apostle Peter as the Chief of Apostles”

12. The National Almanac 1996

“Roman Catholic authority rests upon the mandate that is traced to the action of Jesus Christ himself, when he vested Peter and through Peter his successors with the power of the keys in the Church. Christ is the invisible head of the Church and by his authority, the Pope is the visible head.”

All secular (non-religious and non-bias) history books had uninaninously agreed to the iron-clad fact that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ. And it is the only Christian Church that exists 1,000 years after Christ ascended to heaven. The Church who compiled the complete Christian Bible in 4th century is the Catholic Church, while protestant sects only emerged 1,600 years later.

Vin Gitams Jr.

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