Some Health Benefits Of Eating Pawpaw That Would Blow Your Mind

One of nature’s best gift to mankind is pawpaw. All parts of pawpaw are medicine to human beings. Thus the seed, roots, leaves, stems, branches, fruits are helpful and healing as well.

Much knowledge should be gained to utilize well all the benefits of this God sent fruit. The nature and healing properties of this fruit has made it very attractive and patronizing food for even most animals like pigs and birds.

Some Health Benefits Of Eating Pawpaw That Would Blow Your Mind

Few benefits of pawpaw are listed below;

  1. Ripe pawpaw is a laxative to the stomach, it helps to neutralize acid in the stomach
  2. Green leaves mashed or blended with some amount of water cures malaria, headaches, fevers, candidiasis and menstrual problems when garlic and lemon are added to it before drinking.
  3. It is anti-poison food or medicine against snake bites, insects and other poisonous animals. This is due to the chemical component, papain in the plant.
  4. Pawpaw revitalize the human body and maintain energy and vitality.
  5. The Vitamin A in pawpaw helps to lower the risk of emphysema(enlargement of the air sacs in the lungs, causing breathlessness) in smokers and passive smokers.
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