September 18, 2021

The Statue of Liberty

Do you know the statue of liberty, was a gift given to the United States from the people of france. It’s Located in New York City. 

The statue has a height rate of 151 feet 1 inch ( 46 metres ).. from ground level to torch: 305 feet 1 inch ( 93 metres ). It was dedicated on the 28th day of October, 1886. 

  Sometimes questions arises on why the statue is being termed as liberty and a woman standing as the symbol? The Goddess Libertas, is the reason. Libertas was a roman goddess, her name is the Latin word of freedom. It portrays the image of libertas, a robed roman Liberty goddess.

  The reason behind her symbols, was as a result of the unfair practices happening within the society of rome, known to be slavery. It’s understood, that when a slave is granted freedom, he/she shall have their head shaved. 

Libertas stood against unfair practices as this, and that was the reason she was honoured and worshipped by all freed men and women. She indeed represent a symbol of peace. 

One of the most intriguing thing about the Statue of liberty is that, it happens that the Statue of Liberty is the very first thing immigrants arriving by boat to the US, shall see. This was after it was dedicated as the icon of freedom of the United States, seen as a symbol of welcome to immigrants arriving by sea.

The Statue of Liberty, The Statue of Liberty

        The Symbol References 

  • It characteristics: she(Libertas) holds a torch above her head with her right hand.  And in her left hand, carrying a tabula ansanta inscribed as July 10 MDCCLXXVI being ( July 4,1776), on the US declaration of independence. A broken shackle and chane line at her feet, as she walks forward, commemorating the recent national abolition of slavery. 
  • What it depicts: it depicts freedom and independence, and also seen as a symbol of welcome to immigrants arriving by sea.
  • Historical-development:President Calvin Coolidge, officially designated the statue of liberty as part of the state of liberty national monument, in 1924. And in 1984, it was designated a UNESCO world heritage. 
  • Awareness: Hundreds of replica of the statue of liberty are displayed worldwide, and has also being depicted on the country’s coinage and stamps. 
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 Till date, the statue has being maintained by the National Park Services, as part of the state of Liberty national monument, making it a major tourist attraction/centre.

 What has been barred? Public access to the balcony around the torch, has been barred since 1916.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera


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