Love is beautiful and the greatest power in the world, there isn’t anything love cannot overcome. Pure undiluted love is sweeter than honey and its melody so exquisite, true love is patient, it is self sacrificing, it is not conceited, it is not proud but endures and is compassionate.

The word love is a regular word used on daily basis yet only few understands what it means to love; only few understand the hidden treasures and crosses. There are sacrifices made by lovers and there are rules and agreements to be kept, Christ said if you love me keep my commandments which means there are certain commandments and laws to be kept once one is in love, the rules are not meant to serve as punishment but as a pledge and as a guide to sustainable relationship so that it does not become toxic to any of the party.

A friend once told me that there is nothing like true love and I was shocked and stared at her, does it mean all the love professed on daily basis are fake and she said the only true love; is the love of a mother for her baby and I was really mortified and when you analyze this you will find out that there is nothing like family, when the chips are down it is still family that we fall to and then they succor us. It is only a mother who can make enormous sacrifice for her child and yet see it as nothing; the mother’s joy is complete only when her babe is settled in love.

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No matter how grown a child might be she still see the child as the babe she carried on her bosom and breast fed, she is ready to be on bended knees just to make sure her child’s prayers are answered and you realize that motherhood naturally comes with love that was why God speaking through the holy prophet Isaiah said to the sons of Israel “can a mother forget her own child and a woman forget the babe that she bore, that even if she does which is rare that He will never forget us that He has written our names on the palms of His hands.

These love was consummated in Christ, the holy scripture recorded  that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, the only one out of love and since He didn’t spare His son what else can He spare to prove His love.

Love is sacrificing, you can’t love without giving and giving doesn’t necessarily mean money, it means giving out your time, listening to the trash the lover is saying, being available, standing tall in the time of trouble, sharing in the good and bad times of our lovers, learning from God on the model of love and how beautiful it is, Love should be mutual and not one sided, love should be reciprocated because one sided love isn’t love at all.

When we learn to love genuinely that is only when we can transform our world, most of the people around us are hungry but not for bread but for love, they want to be loved, they want feel loved but unfortunately it is out of their reach and domain. As the Lenten season comes to an end we should be harbingers of love and see God transform our world.

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