The Assignment Money Gives

How does that sound to you? “ the assignment money gives”  
When something appears to be widely acceptable and well known by many, that would be said to be money. Could this be true!

It’s so clear and getting clearer that the former ways of trading services such as Trade by barter, the use of cowries etc. are far gone, and what’s   at use all over the world now  is money ( could be in a paper form, card and crypto currencies ).

The Assignment Money Gives
Evolution of Money

Money gives it users (humans) the sense of value to either remain stagnant or progressive. And that’s why it’s termed as an Assignment!  
And how? When money has been allocated to one, he or she falls under any of these  two categories, which are: 

  • The category of those who welcomes money pertaining to when it comes. 
  • The category of those who make money.  

From the above categories, we could see that money gives us an assignment to use what we have ( that which has been allocated to you ) to either excel by making money or stay unprogressive by welcoming money pertaining to when it comes.  

Following the insight from this article, here is a  question we ought to identify ourselves with.  

As a user of money( being a human) what category do you fall under?  

That’s the assignment above. For  money gives you a reason to understand your level of category in life of being either stagnant or progressive. 

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera 


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