The earth is a mother and a caring one at that; she is filled with compassion for her inhabitants that are her children. She tries as much as possible to cushion the effects of the careless acts of her children, that is why there is an English adage that says that nature has a way of healing herself but the effects of indiscriminate and nonchalant attitude of the children of men against caring mother earth is becoming alarming and the effects felt by all men.

There has been a campaign on the depletion of the ozone layer by the activities of men and as a result, that powerful shield against the ultraviolet rays of the sun is perforated, hence the excessive heating of the earth, mother earth is terribly affected as everything found in her is affected by the incessant heating, the children of men feel uncomfortable by the scorching nature of the sun, and as they complain mother earth weeps because she cannot do anything to mitigate the suffering of her children and no mother feels happy at the discomfort of her kids.

The animals that help Mother Nature maintain the ecosystem is also affected as there is a limit to their tolerance range and hence they die in their numbers leaving mother earth with reduced number of their species that will carry out the unique functions assigned to them by nature.

What of the indiscriminate falling of trees by the children of man, without replanting, deforestation has a lot of detrimental effect, it could lead to green house effect whereby carbondioxide in the atmosphere exceeds the oxygen level in the atmosphere. Plants take in carbondioxide and use it for photosynthesis, thereby releasing oxygen as a waste product which is used by living things for respiration, but whereby there are reduced numbers of plants, it would be detrimental to the living populace of the earth increasing the anguish and agonies of mother ear


Deforestation aids in erosion, because trees serve as wind break thereby their elimination would cause a reduce or decrease in the breaking of wind hence a type of erosion caused by the wind termed wind erosion which is the wearing away of the earth crust as a result of actions of wind and as this persists the anguish of mother earth lingers

What of the indiscriminate burning of bush by man, leading to disruption of natural organization set up by Mother Nature, some of these organisms are killed and some displaced from their natural habitats and become prey to their predator predisposing them to situations that increases their vulnerability. Even burning of bush has deleterious effect on Agriculture affecting crop production and food availability.

What of the endangered species that are being hunted and killed by man. Variety they say is the beauty of nature and nature is spiced up by the different variation of species she samples, but some of the species she prides herself with are now facing the dangers of being extinct yet man out of ignorance, illiteracy or presumed negligence still hunts and kill them for food.

Mother Nature has a lot of things that are sources of concern to her she can’t help herself but depends on her children to achieve all, we must all hurry to the aid of this caring mother, wipe her tears and help her become happy again by contributing our own quota to ensure her restoration.




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