September 18, 2021


Regaining the sanity of our world rests on “abnormal youths”. There is a popular anthem, “the youths are the leaders of tomorrow”; rather, considering the situation of our 21st century society, I would say “not just the youths, but ‘abnormal youths’ are the leaders of tomorrow ~ the future of a healthy society”. The world is being governed by evil, and over the years, evil/ crime has turned to be a norm in our society; (every form of moral evil in various sectors of our society ranging from corruption, wrong use of arms, misuse of drugs, etc.). These negative lifestyles have eaten deep into our system, and have become part and parcel of our human existence, which is now the culture of our society. “What then is the hope of our society?”

Hence, in this context, I would define an ‘abnormal youth’ as a youth who have chosen to stand out, irrespective of the escalating crime rate in the society. Although people who have decided to deviate from these ill norms are seen as threats, regarded ‘abnormal’, ‘woke’, ‘jew’, or even ‘old fashioned’.

A question usually asked amongst youngsters is “in a world filled with crime, and crime skyrocketing, what would inspire one to be a good citizen?”. However, to give an answer to this burdensome question of the youths, I would say, “being an abnormal youth is the solution to our societal problem”. If we do not have youths who continuously choose to live right amiss the norms of the society, then we would be approaching a dead society. As the many issues escalate, the more it seems like a wild goose chase. A negative society would definitely have negative effects on its inhabitants. It is the youths of today that would grow into law making men and women in our society, renewing the current status of different spheres of our societal life; ranging from leadership, innovations, skills, politics, technology, etc. and this would not be achieved spending one’s life, standing at the complaint counter.


In order to amend the errors of our fathers’, in all spheres of life, then we should have ‘abnormal youths’. It is in this abnormality that we would find youths who are not comfortable with the illnorms of our world; youths who would strive to make a positive impact; youths who would live right having the right mindset, standing firm to the truth, irrespective of the happenings and challenges of our society. Youths who would maintain a positive character/ attitude, not just reputation, as one’s character is what one really is, while reputation is merely what others think one is.  

Again, amongst all the prevalent wrongs rising like smoke filling our society, regaining the sanity of our world depends on ‘abnormal youths’, to right these wrongs with an incense of a healthy society.

By: Njoku Rose Chigozie

Instagram handle: rosie_diamond99


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