September 18, 2021
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Melania Trump Goodbye Message Promotes “Love Over Hatred, Peace Over Violence”

Melania Trump goodbye message promotes ‘love over hatred, peace over violence’ USA First lady Melania Trump on Monday released a nearly seven-minute farewell message urging Americans to choose “love over hatred” and “peace over violence.” The video filmed at the White House was posted to Twitter fewer than 48 hours before President Trump leaves office Wednesday Continue Reading

International Election Experts Invited By Trump Says The Election Was Honest

International election experts invited by the Trump administration to observe the U.S. election last week issued a preliminary report that found no evidence of the widespread fraud alleged by President Trump. The State Department invited a 28-member delegation from the Organization of American States, which has reported on elections around the world, to observe the […]Continue Reading

‘An outpouring of hope’: Joe Biden addresses Americans after election victory (Video)

There’s been a lot of congratulations from world leaders sent to president-elect Joe Biden, not all quite as barbed as those from Iran. Reuters report Iranian state media quoting president Hassan Rouhani saying that the next US administration should use the opportunity to compensate for president Donald Trump’s mistakes. “Trump’s damaging policy has been opposed…by Continue Reading

US Election 2020: Protests Rock New York, Portland And Other Cities

Protesters have marched through the streets of several American cities in response to President Donald Trump’s ‘aggressive’ moves to challenge the outcome of the US presidential election. In Minneapolis, New York, protesters blocked a freeway, prompting arrests. In Portland, a large crowd gathered on the waterfront to protest Trump’s attempted interventions in the votes Continue Reading

Paula White: Angels Are Coming From Africa – Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Prays (See Video)

A video of presidential spiritual advisor Paula White leading an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure Trump’s reelection, went viral. The US Presidential Elections is still underway, even after over 24 hours of counting votes. At the time of writing this article, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is in the lead. Biden has […]Continue Reading


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