Six Important Ways To Please God

Here are Six ways to please God

1) By accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour. W
ith Him you are free from condemnations, sins, and unrighteousness, and believing you will abide with God in Heaven

2) By acknowledging, accepting, seeking and longing for Jesus Christ the Son of God.

3) By receiving His spirit to guide and fill us with powers..( Holy Spirit )

4) By obeying the Commandments of the Father which is, ” Love your God with your heart, soul and mind, love thy neighbors as thyself and others.”

5) By believing God with faith, “for without faith it is imposible to please Him ‘

6) By reading, listening, preaching and meditating the Words of God ( Holy Bibles, scriptures, sermons etc

Feel free to drop your views, thoughts and ask questions.

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