September 28, 2021


With the increasing rate of insecurity and violence in the country, district and Regional Security is very important.
Over the years, it is without a doubt that Nigeria, one of the biggest countries in West Africa, has and is still faced with serious security issues that are threatening the peace, development and progress of the country.

Nigeria’s faces many insecurity and life threatening issues like Kidnapping, terrorism, murder, vandalization etc. most of this issues are usually domesticated. Although the national securities are trying their best to curb/reduce this meanance, protect lives and properties but it still isn’t working but rather the situation seems to be getting worse and this is because they can’t be everywhere at the same time. The need for regional Security arises when the insecurities and violence gets too much and out of control.

Regional Security is important because it brings the much needed security to the grassroot levels. it brings immediate response to insecurity issues affecting members of a community/state. Most times whenever a particular situation causes an uproar in a state before the government can intervene, the regional Security bodies intervene, save lives and properties and restore calmity.
The regional Security gets to places the national security can’t, some of the insecurities and violence related issues are domesticated and it can take longer for the national security agencies to reach the affected areas and restore peace or things to order but the regional Security reaches and get there faster, resolves the issues and restore peace and calmity to the place.

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Another importance of Regional security is that it creates employment opportunities for the youth. Like the saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. The energy level of the youths can’t be undermined and underrated and if not channeled to a positive and right source can lead to utter chaos and destruction of properties. when the youths are idle, they begin to think of illegal ways to get themselves busy and this can result to kidnapping, stealing, ritual killing and other vices but if they are employed to safeguard the lives and properties of the community, they would take the task and duty seriously and in return that would decrease the level of crimes and insecurities in the nation.

Regional security is the best approach to securing lives and properties, because they aid the national security agencies in protecting the lives and properties of the people. Using Lagos as a case study , during the lockdown a gang of notorious armed robbers called “one million boys” were terrorizing and robbing innocent citizens although the national security agencies intervened, it couldn’t do much without the help of the regional Security agencies in this case “the vigilantes” they actually dedicated their time and energy to trap and stop this gang from robbing incessantly. With the help of the vigilantes the gang was caught and arrested, peace was restored and the citizens were once again calm.

The regional Security offers some kind of protection over the citizens life and their properties.
Over recent times, regional Security has proven an effective tool to curbing insecurities and violence (be it domesticated or serious). The regional security outfit will assist police, other security agencies and traditional rulers in combating terrorism, banditry, armed robbery, kidnapping. Using Western Nigeria as an example the regional Security there known as “Amotekun” helps the police and national security to combat terrorism like the Fulani herdsmen. The Fulani herdsmen threatened the peace, lives and properties of the citizens. They were Killing people at will and when the national securities were finding it hard to pin them down, the Amotekun sprung to action and helped the security agencies catch and prevent the herdsmen from doing further damage.

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In conclusion, for a peaceful country or nation to stand and grow, all hands must be on deck to ensure full Security on all levels and districts and this will be done effectively with the help of the regional Security groups/agencies. Securing lives and properties in all sectors and districts will be done more effectively with the use of regional securities. The regional Security performs the duties of the national security to the people by safeguarding their lives and properties.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera


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