Realities about Africa

countries and a rich mix of native peoples, cultures, economies, and history.
The scenic beauty and variety are quite stunning, it is home to vast deserts, tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, and fertile grasslands. It is abundant in flora and fauna unsurpassed by any other continent.
An ever-increasing number of tourists from around the globe are drawn to this incredible continent every year to experience its wonders.
Yet despite its natural wealth and beauty, Africa includes the fifteen least developed nations in the world, 70% of its population survives on less than $2 a day, disease and famine continue to kill millions of its people each year, and even the most basic education is denied to a large percentage of its children.

some realities about Africa

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Realities about Africa
map of Africa

About Africa

Continent SizeSecond largest in the World
Continental area11,700,000 square miles
Estimated population877 million people
Largest CityCairo, Egypt, 9.2 million people
Largest CountryAlgeria – 919,595 square miles
Longest RiverThe Nile, 4,160 miles
Largest LakeVictoria, 26,828 square miles
Tallest MountainKilimanjaro, Tanzania, 19,340 feet

New York Times Statement of the Day for June 2, 2002:

“Africa is still the poorest continent in the world, the biggest sufferer of HIV and AIDS, the continent with the most external debts and the least foreign investment. But we are lot more hopeful than we were 5 or 10 years ago.” ~ IBRAHIM GAMBARI, United Nations special representative for Africa

Some Intriguing Realities

Realities about Africa

Africa is viewed as the second biggest continent on the planet with an all-out region of around 11 million settle miles that outstanding balance for 5.7% of the world’s surface just like 20% of the all-out surface of land on our planet.


It has rich geology just as an intriguing history along these lines making it a continent with such biodiversity that is striking. Africa has substantially more to it than neediness and politically sanctioned racial segregation, for which it is notable the world over.

There are 54 nations just as a significant number of questioned regions. Sudan used to be the biggest nation in Africa until it was part of Sudan and South Sudan. Algeria is currently the biggest African nation by geological territory. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and is likewise the biggest city.

Most definitely alongside the populace, Africa is the second biggest continent. Africa is loaded up with a portion of nature’s most prominent marvels, there are a couple of realities about Africa given underneath that will assist you with understanding increasingly about this excellent continent.

Astonishing Realities About Africa

One of the most fascinating realities about Africa is that the length and broadness of this continent are about the equivalent. It gauges around 4,660 from north to south and from east to west.

Africa isn’t just the second biggest but the second most populated continent too and houses about 12% of the total populace.

Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa and has an expected populace of 120-140 million. The populace in Seychelles is around 80,000 individuals and is the least populated nation.

The African continent has around 3,000 unmistakable ethnic gatherings while Nigeria alone has around 370 of these clans that have been formally perceived. You will discover more data on African culture here.

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Around 2,000 unique dialects are spoken in Africa and every one of them has various tongues while Arabic is the language that is most generally spoken in the African continent.

The Equator circumvents 2,500 miles from the west toward the east of the African continent hence partitioning this continent into two separate parts – north and south. It goes through a significant number of the African countries, for example, Congo, Somalia, and Uganda just like Kenya.

On the off chance that we pass by the records of the fossil remains Africa is by all accounts the main continent where people were found. The fossil remains have proposed that people had possessed the African continent around 7 million years prior.

Africa likewise gloats about having the longest stream on the planet which is the Nile which runs for around 4,150 miles before it meets the sea. It moves through a few African nations, for example, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda just like Egypt accordingly making the land amazingly ripe.

Realities about Africa
The Victoria Falls

• The biggest waterfall in Africa is the Victoria Falls and it is situated on the Zimbabwe and Zambia fringe. It has a tallness of 355 feet and the width of the waterfall runs into just about a mile.

• The biggest desert on the planet the Sahara desert is likewise arranged in Africa and it ranges across at any rate twelve nations – around 3.5 million square miles.

Realities about Africa
Sahara desert
The Sahara desert covering a chunk of northern Africa

• Mount Kilimanjaro is the biggest mountain in Africa and stands tall at 19,340 feet. Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa estimating 26,560 square miles.

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• Madagascar is the biggest island in the African continent and it lies simply off the east shoreline of Africa. It has a length of around 1,000 miles with a width of around 350 miles. This island is likewise the fourth biggest island on the planet.

• Africa likewise gloats of the best greenery on the planet. It has the most prospering untamed life in the whole world. It additionally houses probably the quickest creatures ashore, for example, the cheetah, wildebeest, gazelle, and lion. Discover more data on the African creatures here.

Realities about Africa
African Animals

• Africa’s mining is notable and the continent delivers in any event half of the precious stones and gold in the entire world. The remainder of the nations around the globe add to the staying half of the creation of these valuable stones and metal.


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