Pablo Escobar: The Colombian drug lord

Pablo Escobar born on the 1st of December 1949 was a drug Mogul in the mandolin part of Colombia

He founded and led the Medellin cartel. He is the wealthiestcriminal in history with an income of 26 billion per year. Theking of cocaine as he was known to be monopolized cocaine trade into the USA in the 1982- 1990s as they smuggled about 80% of the cocaine in the United States operation around 1970s flying between Colombia and Panama and the United States and when the demand for cocaine was on the rise in the UnitedStates Escobar expanded his smuggling routes and distribution network in the other parts of the country he then developed a new shipment route in an island called Norman’s cay in Bahamas.

He got involved with Columbian politics and was elected to the Congress of Columbia but then he gave up his political ambition when found out that his illegal source of income  was no longer being a secret. So s power thirsty politician became a blood thirsty murderer,who killed and got rid of anyone who stands against him. He was responsible for the murder of many people in Columbia including the Judge who revealed his drug background.

One would say that every human has a good and bad side, Parblo was not an exception. He built sports fields, sponsoredfootball teams,distributed money and built houses for the poor. He really did have compassion for the poor and suffering. Somehow, he was able to win over the hearts of the Mandalinpeople with his good acts. And for those reasons many citizens helped him avoid getting arrested by the U.S and Colombian authorities when they came for him.

One would not expect a person like Parblo to feel anything  that doesn’t benefit his greed. But as human as he was,he fell in love with a 12 year old Victoria Eugenia Henao who he married when she turned 15. And because the marriage was frowned at by the Henao family the couple eloped. The bore two children, Juan Escobar who later changed his name to Sebastianmarroquin and Manuela. Parblo also had numerous extra marital affair. But still held his famy with high esteem .He built safe houses and residences. 

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During his getaway he was believed to have burnt $2million to keep his family warm. He Would blind fold them while moving them from one safe house to the other, so that even if they were caught and tortured, they would not know where they went.

He died due to injury from gunshot through the ear.

By Blessing Chimchetam Ogueri


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