Every Nigerian knows that our dearly beloved mother and country Nigeria is passing lots of nights in agonies, she can’t sleep and she has refused to be consoled. But while would she want to be consoled when she bleeds by the day and her tears running incessantly. Swords are being thrust into her soul and heart and like the biblical Blessed Virgin Mary, swords no long sword has pierced her souls as she watches her children get killed by the day, with her hands she soaks the blood of her children that pours on her floor by the day.

The agonies of mother Nigeria is so great that each passing day she patiently awaits sad news and any day without sad news is like a miracle and such miracles are very rare and have long been alien to the sight and soul of the ever weeping mother, Nigeria.

No one seems to take cognizance of her sorrows, her leaders pay deaf ears valuing the life of cattle to the lives of her citizens, she bleeds every day and her tears are blood like the various statues of the blessed virgin Mary shedding tears of blood at the various convents where such encounters take place

The agonies of mother Nigeria are like that of the biblical Rachel in the book of the prophet Jeremiah chapter 31 verses 15.

“A sound is heard in Ramah, the sound of bitter weeping. Rachel is crying for her children; she refuses to be comforted for they are dead”

Mother Nigeria has refused to be comforted because her children are no more; they have lost their lives in the most gruesome manner, suffering even cruel death. A three hundred law student lost his life during the sporadic shooting in Douglas Imo state as well as lots of innocent citizens and you wonder the fate of the family

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What of the millions of people that have lost their lives due to the insurgency in the northeastern part of the country.

The killing of the innocent villagers in the many villages attacked by the book haram sect that has ravaged the country for years now, what of the many women and young girls that have been violated and molested by these men.

What of those that were killed even after raping them, what of the countless numbers of men that have watched their spouses and daughters raped even in their very before. What about those guys that have witnessed the molestation of their mothers and sisters and yet can do nothing about it.

Have we wondered about the farmers that have lost their farm products to herdsmen parading the whole place with their cattle, without caring about the after-effects on the farmers; wasting their investments, money, and even efforts and when they confront these herdsmen they lose their lives and no one seems to care about what is happening.

Which way Nigeria??



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