September 18, 2021

Libation As An African Culture And Tradition

libation: A drink poured out as an offering to a deity. A word that is known by elites but understood by those who practice it.

The libation process

Libation is carried out following the little or mass gathering of people, whereby an individual holds the item( liquid/alcoholic drink ) to be used for the ritual and then begins to make some proclamations in one accord.

Libation as an African Culture and Tradition?

Libation is an African Traditional practice, done by pouring a liquid as an offering to a diety/spirit or in memory of the dead in Africa.

Libation As An African Culture And Tradition

Why Liquids are termed to be used as libation?

The very first point to note here is that, libation isn’t done hidden, rather by number of persons in an open view. Certain ceremonies require dumping little bit of liquid, usually alcohol unto the ground and why must it be a liquid substance? this is simply because, substances in a liquid form as Alcohol, serves as a common item that was being used by the Ancestors to cheer up and welcome discussions.
Therefore what is made common (alcohol) to them is being used to honor/appease them.

When Africans libate

Libation isn’t an everyday practice, but indeed carried out for certain unusual purposes. Africans Libate in seeking for assurance of peace especially during nation/community crises, and when making concrete decisions in African culture.

The Impact Of Libation in the African Culture

Libation may have brought about good or bad effect to African culture, but here are the major effects it has made in the African culture.

  • It brought about a significant impact on bringing forth our understanding of hospitality and ensures peace among one another.
  • It Serves as a symbolic act of honor and respect to the ancestors, thereby inculcating knowledge to the children and unborn children to come, on the reason of making such sacrifices.
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Libation, Libation As An African Culture And Tradition

Conclusively, the world being modernized and lived by civilized persons, a certain question is asked! is Libation a Sin? Libation is termed a sin if the purpose of it done depicts evil, but the natural process of having a libation is never sin.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera Victor


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