July 31, 2021

Latest On Hushpuppi’s Arrest And Prosecution In US

Suspected fraudster, Ramon Abbas A.K.A Hushpuppi has reportedly been denied bail within the United States. The newest update comes after his lawyer, Gal Pissetzky argued that his job as an Instagram celebrity paid for the $10,000 month-to-month lease on his luxury Dubai flat.

According to reports, Hushpuppi’s lawyers had applied for him to depart jail with an digital tag and live with the uncle of a lady with whom he has a toddler with, however US prosecutors opposed the bail application. UAE’s The National reported that prosecutors stated he may commit crimes with only a smartphone and an internet connection, and that he posed too much of a flight danger. Reacting to prosecutors’ argument, Pissetzky acknowledged that his client had too much to lose if he flees from the United States.

He informed a judge in Chicago by videolink, “He is loved and respected. He is a celebrity.“I don’t see the reason why he would want to ruin his credibility in the world and his status rather than stay here and face this allegation.“Anywhere he goes, people will know. Having grown up very poor in Nigeria, Mr Abbas is now paid to pose with high-priced items such as Louis Vuitton bags that people would buy after seeing his posts on Instagram.“He is an influencer.

That’s a job today, as much as it is hard to imagine. That’s a full-time job.” Judge Jeffrey Gilbert who watched the proceedings from a jail video link, denied Hushpuppi bail on grounds of him being a flight danger. Gilbert ordered that the suspected Nigerian fraudster be remanded in custody till he’s taken to a court in California.

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