Lady Shares The Beautiful Love Letter A 9-Year-Old Girl Wrote To Her Son

A woman identified as Tsholo with the Twitter Handle, @birrdie_t has shared a beautiful love letter a 9-year-old girl wrote to her 9-year-old son.

The letter which was written in a ‘love-themed paper”, shows 9-year-old Lwandle expressing her love for the young boy, and is ready to prove this.

Apparently, another girl, Lethabo appears to love the young lad also.. and Lwandle wants to know where she stands!

In the letter, Lwandle, while professing her love for him added that the other girl does not know how to love and care for someone, thus her ‘proposal’ could do him some good.

The boys mom was who blushed about the letter her son received, shared it to Twitter, writing; “A girl from my son’s school wrote him a love letter. cry with me guys. Age group: 9 years”

The letter read: 

Dear Koketso. From Lwandle:

I am sorry to write a letter again. I am writing this letter because I really want to ask you a simple question. And please tell me the truth.. Are you dating me or Lethabo or Bonelo. So the thing I am going to tell you about is really awkward. Lethabo still has feelings for you. So my point is do you still have feelings for Lethabo.

And if you do it is okay. And I love you to tell the truth by writing a letter. I hope you still have feelings for me. This whole time Lethabo did not have feelings for you. She was happy and did not care about you, well she did care not as a girlfriend. but cared as a friend. She was dating Kelvin, then when she broke up with Kelvin she wanted you.

She forced me to break up with you so she can date you and jealous. Please don’t show anyone also Lethabo. Love you.

Lady Shares The Beautiful Love Letter A 9-Year-Old Girl Wrote To Her Son

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