January 27, 2022


The quote above was coined by someone amazing I was fortunate to meet in the online space last year, Miss Chioma Nnanna, and it keeps ringing in my head all the time.

What is the point of being a reservoire of ideas, when you cannot convert them into powerful innovations?

In your head are ideas that can create the next most powerful automobile, or a smart device better than Samsung, or an IPhone

In your head are ideas that can birth the next big social media platform, better than the trending Clubhouse, which is already being compared with twitter, and has been valued at $100 million with just 1,500 users

The thing is that you are afraid of your ideas.

No, let me not exempt myself. We are afraid of our ideas, sometimes.

We think about the the costs, and sometimes, we are almost afraid to think about it.

Our mind will laugh us to scorn, and should we even voice it to someone, oh they will roll their heads heavenward and say “here comes the dreamer”

So we shut up. Many people have shut those ideas in their heads until they got shut six feet under

The first step is to come to a place of reawakening, where you realize that God made you in his image, and as he is, a master creator, so are we in this world

The way he wired us, with beautiful ideas, is so that we can recreate our worlds, and manifest his glory here on earth,

And yes, it will be a sin to die, full of the wealth and treasures and the solutions of nations in your head

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If this makes sense to you, the first thing you need to do is get a notepad, to jot those ideas as they occur to you

Turn them into goals – a one year, two years, or ten year goal plan, that you will start to execute bit by bit, measured over a realistic period of time

I wish you good speed ❤

By Mary Adole


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