September 28, 2021

I Dreamt I Was Pregnant – Bobrisky Shares Dream On Instagram

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser and socialite, Bobrisky has gone all out to narrate a dream he recently had.

On Instagram, Bobrisky narrated his dream where he was confused about how he delivered a baby girl.

The cross-dresser, who has been teasing fans for a while now about ‘becoming pregnant’, has shared his own confusion as to how he eventually got pregnant in his dream.

On his strange dream, he wrote: “Good morning… my house help woke me up about 20min ago. I dreamt I was pregnant 🤰 and everybody on IG was shouting jezzzz how did Bobrisky get pregnant. To cut the story short I saw myself at the hospital with my baby girl beside me. Only for me to see my Bestie beside me @tontolet shouting congratulations. I was wondering how I delivered the baby. I asked the doctor 🥼 if I push or how did I deliver the baby. The doctor was just smiling ”

See His Post Here:

Bobrisky, I Dreamt I Was Pregnant – Bobrisky Shares Dream On Instagram
Bobrisky Narrates Strange Dream To Fans
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