Mathematics is a very sweet subject but one of the most difficult subjects according to students.

I am a mathematics teacher and when I engage students in discussion, I discover that they have this love for the English language because they feel that it is easy and more interesting than the almighty mathematics. They see mathematics as being scary.

Now I must confess that the attitude of most mathematics teachers contributed to the stereotyped feelings amongst students that mathematics is a very difficult subject; most mathematics teachers are mean and may not know that they are instilling fear and hatred in the mind of their vulnerable students.

Their mean disposition could be because they did not want their students to take them for granted and become petty in their classes and sometimes it works because the students behave themselves in mathematics classes and then because of that fear, they learn little or nothing.

Sometimes the arrangement of the lesson contents is poorly done, they get the students jittery, mathematics is meant to be sweet and made easier for the students, they should be taught the easier ones before proceeding to the more tasking ones. They should be taught mathematics step by step, each one leading to the other. They should be encouraged to decode hidden information in mathematics, especially those involving word problems

Now on the part of the students, they should know that mathematics is not read but studied, they should be studying mathematics on daily basis. They shouldn’t let mathematics out of their sight.

They should make out time for private studies, study the exercises solved in classes, then get similar problems and solve them.

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They should also cultivate the habit of doing their assignments always, doing it by themselves and not copying from others, because it is a known fact that students copy themselves whenever assignments are given and they come back empty.

There should be no procrastination on the part of the students, they may feel they have understood and that they have arrived by comprehending in class, but if they do not do go back to their drawing board for further studies, the information they have stored in their short term memories will be deleted and they will be shocked when they discover say they don fall the hands of their teachers and themselves. I have situations where my bright students fall into my hands maybe because they were too confident in themselves and when I probed further, I discovered that they have not been studying at home.

So if you really want to be a genius at mathematics, there is no magic or secret except to study always, do not stop studying until you get yourself approved, that is until you have it at the tip of your fingers.




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