Looking at the topic how to pray I am pretty that you would be asking yourself wetin this writer wan teach us and of all things na to pray him wan teach us. Chill prayer is the key, with the recent happenings in the country especially in the southeastern part of the country you would agree with me that it is prayers that we have now and that is our saving grace.

Prayer is a heart to heart communication with the one who loves us and cares for us and is able to provide for us according to His in glory. Now we have seen what prayers is and it simply means that prayer is a communication between two persons and it is a communication between both parties, there is nothing like solo communication where one person does the talking. 

It has to be between two persons or more. And this simply means that in prayers you do not talk to God and go, since it is a communication you allow Him to talk to you as well so that the communication is complete

Now the question becomes how can God talk to us since we can’t see him. Don’t worry the answer is not farfetched, He does speak to us in a variety of way, the problem is that we do not listen most of the times. We are too distracted to take notice of His presence or to even know that He wants to commune with us and spend time with us or that we are always in a hurry to leave his presence and then we miss out the communication, then see prayer as means of dumping our cares and burden to God without giving Him a chance to say something.

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God actually talks to us through various ways sometimes even without conscious realization of it nor seeing it as a way of God speaking to us. He speaks sometimes through the different homilies that we hear, the words of exultations that we hear, sometimes through the series of advices we receive from our loved ones or even their reprimands, sometimes through their show of affections and love or sometimes through happenings in our lives. 

So during prayers our minds may rush back to these encounters and at that point that is what God wants us to meditate on and we will decode the encrypted message God has encoded in them.


So when praying, seek a decent place where you can encounter God in silence and serenity and let it be your Shiloh.

Use the ACTS Formula to pray. The ACTS acronym stands for Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplications. In essence we adore God for whom He is, after which we proceed to the Contrition stage, accusing ourselves before Him because our righteousness is like a filthy rag before Him and we seek His pardon then we proceed to the thanksgiving stage, paying reverence and actually blessing Him for everything we have received from Him, after that we present our cares and worries before Him

Lastly we allow Him to speak to us and after that we thank for deeming us worthy of encounter with Him and we go about our duties carrying His presence with us.

By Akubuo Chigaemezu

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