How to cope with a clingy partner

The word clingy could be synonymous with closeness, tied, attachment, etc. Therefore, who is a clingy partner or what does it insinuate to say that one is clingy? 

 A clingy person has the undivided attention of one to match his/her interest.  Anyone can be clingy in a relationship, for it is not centered on a particular gender, not at all. But the question is this, ( does your partner finds your clinginess accommodating?). This brings us to our topic title;

How to cope with a clingy partner


Here are proven steps taken to cope with a clingy partner:

  • Know your partner’s wants: when around your partner and when not around your partner, you should know his/her demand/wants from you, and then sort out a means to attend to them. This would ease the burden of getting amazed at their habit of wanting. 
  • Don’t always attend to their wants: Yes. clingy partners are always wanting you to do things to match their interests. you should set limits to their wants/desires and they would adapt to your say on doing things based on necessity and not just on wants. 
  • Define your communication style: the clinginess of a partner starts basically from the level of communication. A partner desiring to be phoned, and texted, all the time. This is nice because it depicts that there is care and love amongst you both, but humanly possible, it is not fair. Yes because too much attachment breeds over-familiarity and over-familiarity they say breeds contempt. Therefore you both should best define your communication style, knowing fully well that a day or days miss out on a call or text doesn’t mean you are not having them in mind. 
  • Show them, perfect love, even at a distance: perfect love at a distance is a loving act. this would let your partner know that love isn’t only shown by being attached to your presence.
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By Nwokedimkpa Chidera


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