No man is an island and your network is your wealth, that simply means that we need others to survive, we can’t do without others even the richest people have constant need for people in their lives and once your life is devoid of useful people, you are at the verge of breaking down, trust me you need a shoulder to cry on, a support when you are weary, you need that one person to remind you that everything will fall in place,that life can get messy and petty are times, but your ability to persevere makes you a man and stands you out among your peers and contemporary.  

Remember the Igbo adage that loosely translate that household enemies are the worst form of enemies because they know you in and out and can strike without raising the slightest suspicion and then go scot free, hence the need for peaceful coexistence.

Remember that you can’t always be at peace with people around you, there are times when things gets messy, when you feel like you have had enough and can’t take  it anymore, when you feel like you have been taken for granted, you want to burst out, remember one thing that you are responsible for people’s approach and actions towards you but you are responsible for how you behave towards them, you can decide not to give them the pleasure of hurting you, of seeing you cry or groan, you can decide to chest it and move like nothing happened. 

It is not a sign of weakness to cry in your closet or display vulnerability, but the point is that you don’t need to make a public show of the whole thing, go to your closet and cry then you come out acting like nothing happened.

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Secondly it is better to lose an argument than lose a friend, everyone hates a toxic relationship and a relationship that tends to more of constraints and unhealthy arguments is gradually hitting the rock. Remember we mustn’t always agree but we disagree to agree. It shouldn’t be all the time, we shouldn’t argue to win all the time, sometimes we can actually accept defeat just to make the other person feel at rest and at peace and as such avoid unnecessary friction and fracas

Thirdly we should learn to make excuses for others, when we learn this beautiful practice we tend to have emotional freedom, we tend to be free from emotional trauma, it makes lives easier for people to coexist, even before they give you reason why they messed up, you are already at peace with yourself because you have already made excuses for the person on why they acted in such mannerism, but when you don’t make excuses, you keep getting upset and worked up for nothing.

Fourthly, do not drag yourself to the mud with the pig, both of you sure will get dirty but the pig will enjoy it. It simply means choosing your battles wisely. Life is too short to spend on irrelevant things, seriously.


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