‘Global lockdown should serve as business opportunity for SMEs’

Despite the negative impact of the coronavirus around the world, the Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Inspired Leadership Group, Abdulaleem Anjolaoluwa Ademola-Osinuga believes that entrepreneurs can turn the challenge posed by the pandemic to opportunities.

According to him, the global lockdown should serve as an opportunity to learn new things that will aid the growth of business meet 21st-century standard. 

He said: “SME Owners are people who need to learn from the experience of other people that have had the opportunity of what they are always looking for to succeed. 

“I expect that everyone all over the world must have taken this opportunity as a huge lesson, mostly when dealing with human lives, especially those who are in leadership or aspiring to be there.” 

Osinuga who doubled as the Executive Director of Future Nigeria said that the Nigerian economy can be turned around only when the government invests in the health, education and other relevant sectors.

“Nigerians need to brace up in the coming election and identify the kind of leaders that they want to rule them in various sectors, as this will go a long way in predicting what our economy will look like for us in the future by not putting our lives at a risk. Government policies are very key and have a way of affecting every sector of the economy.

“In future, there is enough hope for the African Child, I mean, those who have dreams, plans, goals, aim, mission, vision, and expected achievement for themselves when they grow up. But the truth continues to remain that an African Child needs to understand him/herself by knowing who they are, what their plans are, who their role models of what they desire to achieve in life as a person and what do they want to be as their goal as they proceed into the future are.”

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He disclosed that part of his organisational goal is to transform lives of 30 million people across the global community but focused more on Africa in 5,000 days, across different economic sectors.  

“Our main aim is to address the largest problem that is being faced by the global economy, by working to see how we can provide solutions to them using the main organization name with the leadership eco-systems that have been built around the organization brand.”


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