September 28, 2021


Ebubs whose real name is Ikeazuta Ebube Katherine is a Nigerian comedian, Entertainer, Gospel artist, an Actress, and a passionate lover of Christ. Ebubs was born and raised in Isolo, Lagos State where she had her early education.


“I do not remember much of my early childhood years but Mum did say I was a very active, curious, intelligent and communicative kid” she said.

She loves making researches, tutoring, acting, singing, cooking, reading and dancing… “Yea, I’ve had this amazing flexibility right from my early childhood years and an intriguing speaking prowess”. She also attested that she loves adventures, visiting places and discovering new things.


She’s turned on by smart conversations, intelligent people who are business wise and industrious, she also states that she is a very social person but can be extremely private with her life.

For personal reasons, she started working during secondary school days, first, in a christian bookshop after which her SSCE results was released and she passed beautifully. She proceeded into teaching, taught in 2 primary schools for about 3 years upon which she was awarded/recognized as the best staff in both due to her amazing impact on the pupils she tutored, and the school at large.

After which she resigned upon gaining admission into Imo State University, Owerri, where she’s currently studying Education and English Language.

Katherine also included that she had been a very dramatic being and knew how to get anyone into a hilarious mood, she started acting her acting in Owerri at the Higherlife Generations Church upon which she was made the vice president of the theatre group and have worked with few productions and still working. April this year, Ebubstv was created by herself and her Manager Zubby Miracle, they have shot over 20 hilarious comedy skits

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