“Dismiss lawsuit over drug imports” White House urges the Court

The administration of Joe Biden is urging the federal court to dismiss any lawsuit that could prevent Florida and other states from importing prescription drugs from Canada.

The Biden administration on a legal brief argued that the lawsuit filed in the previous year on behalf of United State pharmaceutical company was premature because the government is yet to approve any importation programs.

The legal filing by the administration came on the same day the Republican Governor of Florida who is considering to run for the white house in 2024, called on the administration of Biden to approve the drug importation application.

Mexico and Florida happens to be the only two states to formally ask the United States to permit the importation of federally approved drugs from Canada, stating that doing that would save Americans a lot of money. Despite the lawsuit filed by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, raising concerns over safety and cost, other States are poised to follow.

In the legal filing, Biden’s administration argues that drug companies

“pre-emptively launched this wholesale attack”

on a program that has yet to be implemented.

“Although two proposals have been submitted to FDA, no timeline exists for the agency to make a decision,” the government’s motion states.

Florida has increasingly taken a combative tone against the Biden administration as he positions himself as one of his party’s leading critics of the current White House.

“It is disappointing that the FDA appears to have no timeline to review any state importation proposals as referenced in today’s filing,” the governor’s statement said. “Floridians have been waiting long enough for lower drug prices, and there is no good reason to keep them waiting.”

DeSantis and others have dismissed those concerns, saying that Canada, like the U.S, has stringent pharmaceutical guidelines, and

“we obviously would have our process to ensure quality.”

DeSantis said his state is ready to act swiftly to put its program into place should the federal government approve its request to launch a drug importation program.

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