September 28, 2021



It felt like i was drowning. My mouth was open,trying to gulp in air as fast as i could. Then my face went warm and i tasted salty water

I jerked to a sitting position, spurting out water and coughing violently.

I was wet all over and for a moment, i felt the way a child feels when he wakes up in the pool of his own urine

My mind did not immediately register the short, wide man standing in front of me with hands akimbo. I looked at him suspiciously, my head feeling woozy

This was usually the experience anytime i had these embarrassing passing out episodes

The last time at the hospital, i had been warned to stay off strenuous activities, but did i listen?

My body was not built to take in any stress. It is one of the reasons mother had fought to get her brother to agree for me to go serve at the ministry of Agriculture after i leave camp

Boy, i’m excited about that. And besides, i cannot start to imagine myself, a first class graduate, roaming the streets of Lagos in search of work

Back to our story.

The person standing in front of me stretched forth his hand and summoned me up. I took his hands and stood to my feet unsteadily. His hands felt really strong.

Taking my arm and throwing it over his shoulders, he started to pull me through another bush path, water dripping off my body

It was such a drag due to our disproportionate height. I wanted to ask him where we were headed for, but i was too weak to speak

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We got to a cleared out path and i immediately collapsed onto the leave carpeted floor

I saw him threw off his shirt and undid his white shorts in quick succession

“Can you swim”

I shook my head tiredly, and before i knew it, he was gone, and i heard a splash

…..To be continued


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