COVID-19 with its full meaning Corona Virus Diseases 2019 started in Wuhan, China and fastly spread throughout the world, throwing the whole world into confusion, panic and great loss. This Virus brought a lot of crises and put a hold on the World activities.

It brought stagnancy and loss to the World and till date the earth is still trying to recover from it’s great loss the COVID-19 melted out of it.
The effect of COVID-19 was and is still being felt by everyone. The economic situation and development of countries worldwide suffered a lot. Using Nigeria as a case study, the economic situation of the country suffered a great loss and a lot has to be done to redeem the situation back to normalcy.

During the COVID-19 period alot of people didn’t go to work and many of them were sacked and laid off from work and this has increased the poverty rate in the society. The government has alot of role to play in redeeming the increasing rate of unemployment caused by this virus. The government with its good power should seek to provide Job employment for its citizens and in turn this would reduce the increasing rate of corruption and crimes in the country.

The Covid brought chaos and destroyed the economic growth and balance of the country, and The government together with its citizens has to work hard to rebuild the standard economic balance of the country. for things to return back to normalcy all hands must be on deck to return balance to the economic situation of the country.

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During the Covid period, it was discovered that the health care facilities in the country was inadequate and not befitting enough for the citizens of the country. The government needs to look into and invest in the health care sectors. Like the popular saying “health is wealth” the government has to look into the healthcare services of the country, also invest in the health care sectors and provide the necessary healthcare facilities to aid in the betterment and health of it’s citizens.
The COVID-19 period rendered most youths and citizens jobless.

After the pandemic, the last thing the country needs is to be slowed down from recovering from the economic crises that was faced during the COVID-19 period. The government should look into the aspect of EMPOWERMENT, they should do well to create empowerment programmes to aid the youth and those that were laid off work to be well engaged. The government should empower the youth so as to prevent youth restiveness. If they remain jobless the crime and insecurity level in the country will certainly increase but if they are dutifully occupied they would channel their energy to the right course.

The Coronavirus pandemic, destroyed and paused all the good plans and projects the Government had for its people and as such the Government then has to introduce new initiatives and innovations that would be very beneficial to the growth and development of the country and it’s citizens. These innovations and initiatives would play a role in the restoration and rejuvenation of the Economic development in the country.

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The government has to work on improving the agricultural sector of the country, they should invest in agriculture for effective results. The hunger, food scarcity and increment of food items during and after the Covid is a serious cause for alarm and this is because thousands of people all over the world are either dying of hunger or are malnourished. The government has to put the welfare of its citizens and look into the issues of agriculture. Not only would the agricultural sector solve the issues of hunger in the land, it would also be a major contribution for reviving the economic development and growth of the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic came as a rude shock and as such many countries were not prepared, and the Covid is not really gone. The country has to go through enough preventive measures to prevent another outbreak of the deadly virus.
In conclusion, COVID-19 really disturbed and disrupted the world’s growth and development of the world, and alot has to be done to redeem the situation, all hands must be on deck to revive the failing economical system. All positive things must be done to put the economy and developmental situation of the country back to order.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera


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