September 28, 2021


This is Africa and we act like we value our culture very much, but in essence we are hypocrites and we do not live up to expectations, we only pick up the ones we feel like keeping and shunning the rest but once someone has actually faulted and the scandal blown open, we tend to take it up and help in publicizing the scandal while we cover our atrocities and act like everything is cool.

The African culture abhors an unmarried girl from getting pregnant out of wedlock and if par-adventure an unmarried girl gets pregnant, she is seen as the worst sinner and as a prostitute who is jumping from one man to another, she is accused of not keeping her legs closed and being loose, whereas there are girls who are worse than her in the community but because no one has seen them pregnant they are the saints in the society.

Any unmarried young girl who is unlucky to become pregnant faces persecution by her family, friends and even the society, she is seen is a taboo and a bad influence, she is seen as someone who has destroyed the fabrics of our cultural heritage, she is treated like a criminal, she is sometimes seen as the devil in her Christian denomination or church.

About half of all unintended pregnancies end in abortion because no one wants to be seen as the black sheep, abortion can be seen as one of the primary consequences of unintended pregnancy.

It is estimated that about one million abortions are performed annually, few of them legally and somewhere between 1000 and 10,000 women die annually from complications following these often poorly performed procedures.

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Our society abhors abortion but we push women into it through the taunts we heap on those who have fallen. I even see it as a sign of bravery for an unmarried girl to agree to become a single mum because she knows what she has signed in for and has refused shedding an innocent blood.

She has agreed to give a new being a chance to life, a chance to see the world, choosing to be the worst sinners while so many of her contemporaries, while trying to be the best end up committing abortions, terminating lives and denying these cute kids the chance to life and chance to fulfill their destiny.

Most times these girls faces complications and sometimes die in the process while trying to avoid the stigma that comes with unwanted pregnancy and the same society blame them for choosing abortions, you begin to wonder what went wrong. Most women wouldn’t want to have bastards as grandchildren and they encourage abortions for their children and you ask yourself if their argument is logical enough.

No one is encouraging promiscuity but we should be empathic when something of this nature happen so that we do not push our girls in to seeing abortion as succor but instead we should help them rise again and start life afresh.




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