January 27, 2022

About Victoria Falls

Victoria falls, a tourist attraction, one of a kind. Not just so, it has been termed as the largest waterfall in the world, making it one of the World’s Natural wonders.

Notable History’s we should know about Victoria Falls

The mighty curtain of water that forms the Victoria Falls is known by the locals as Mosi-oa-Tunya or the “Smoke that Thunders”. These ancient and magnificent Falls were known by David Livingstone, a Scottish traveler in year 1855. Overtime, he had tried figuring out a safe discoverable route or road map to the East Coast of the African continent. And when he eventually identified this wonder, he gave it a british name, the victoria falls, Named after the then British Monarch, Queen Victoria. He had an island in the middle of the river on the lip of the waterfall named after him, of course, known as Livingstone Island and one where the infamous Devil’s Pool activity begins these days. The name Devil’s pool came about following sacrifices made by some tribal persons of the neighbouring river side, called so by the missionaries.

About Victoria Falls, About Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls







Two things make the Victoria falls highly notable, its heights and widths

Width of the Victoria Falls

Derived from statistical data, The Victoria Falls are 1700m wide and are made up of five different “falls”. Four are situated in Zimbabwe and one is in Zambia. They are known as The Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls in Zimbabwe and the Eastern Cataract, situated in Zambia.

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Height of the Victoria Falls

  • The Devil’s Cataract

Many wonder why this is termed devilish, this was because of the sacrificial ceremonies carried out by neighbouring tribal persons at the adjacent island in the river and the name “devilish” came about by the missionaries on their journey to the area. The devil’s cataract is stated to be 70m high.


  • Main Falls

This is the largest waterfall, one that draws the attention of viewers. It has about a wide curtain of water, with a  flow rate of 700 000 cubic metres per minute. It’s 93m high. Main falls is indeed a wonderful part of the waterfall.


  • Horseshoe Falls

Just as the name implies, it’s usually the first to dry up within some calendar periods, this is because it is usually the first to dry up within some calendar periods(dry season).  Horseshoe shaped part of the falls drops 311.7 feet (95 m) to the gorge floor.


  • Rainbow Falls

This is the highest point of all the falls, highest of them all. From it, lunar rainbow. The lunar rainbow or ‘moonbow’ is created as light is refracted through water particles in the air, but instead of the light source being the sun it is now the moon. It is 108m high.

Hence, moonbows as many would know,  can appear to some human eyes to be washed-out and white, without the concentrated colours of a day-time rainbow. This differs significantly, according to the quality and abilityof the individuals night vision, put together the numerical data of responsiveness of colour sensitive cones present in the retina of their eyes. For some persons, it can be slightly unreal and mdisappointing, if your expectations of a bright rainbow are too high or rigid.

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  • The Eastern Cataract

These are the second highest falls, it’s highly remarkable. It has no match witg the devil’s cataract. It’s situated completely on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls but you can have a stunning view of them from the Zimbabwean side at danger point. When Danger Point is mentione, it brings about a kind of scary notion to most persons. What exactly is Danger Point of the Victoria falls? It’s an exposed, open,rocky promontory with low shrubs and grasses, which is often buffeted by wind. The rocks here are extremely slippery and visitors are encouraged to stay away from the edge. Danger Point is on the Zimbabwe side.

About Victoria Falls, About Victoria Falls

Some Questions People ask about Victoria Falls:

These listed questions would keep you very well informed about Victoria Falls

  1. overtime confusion arises as to where the Victoria falls is located Zambia or Zimbabwe? The Victoria falls is located in Zimbabwe, from both sides east of Zimbabwe and west of Zambia?
  2. why is the victoria fall so highly talked about? This is because it is the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. The ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ in modern terms known as the Smoke that thunders?
  3. can one swim in the victoria falls? Yes would have been an option, but the incessant effect of crocodiles and hippopotampus that lurk in the waterfall of Zambezi upriver.
  4. is the devil’s pool dangerous? not because of its name or anything, this because it’s real deep, having a fast flowing channel, and considering swimming there, could result to some dangerous effects?
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