A Guide on how to tell Him you Like Him

If you like him, but you are scared to tell him, that’s not a problem, I am here to build your confidence … Thousands of ladies have lost it on several occasions whereby they like a guy, but can’t approach him, or maybe he’s already in a relationship.
Building your confidence matters a lot and also, and accepting rejection matters a lot too. You might not be his type of lady, but you might be his type of lady, so things like rejection or trial(in the sense, he gives you a try to date him and see how it goes) may occur. So be prepared.


A step-by-step guide on How to tell Him you Like Him:


If he is a mutual friend with you online: Go to his dm, and tell him how you feel about him. Please, don’t make it paragraphs. Just a short note will do. Then, wait for his response. As I said “It might lead to rejection, snubbing, or acceptance”
If it leads to “REJECTION” please and please you are free to get mad, but don’t say because he rejected you, you will stop asking a guy you like out, because they will always reject it. Rejection is normal. It’s vice versa. Accept it and use it to build your confidence.
If he “ACCEPTS” then congratulations? but don’t be too forward. Make sure the feelings are mutual. It might not be 50/50 mutual, but at least you know he likes you too back. Make sure you guys discuss seeing each. Very necessary?

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If he stays around, like you guys see day to day or once in a while, this is the hardiest thing to do as a lady?… If you see him, try calling for his attention. Now remember “CONFIDENCE”…

You: Hey,
Him: Hi
You: I’m Rita
Him: Tobi
You: (smile) Been seeing
You: you around for a while and I have been trying to approach you, but it’s either your busy on your phone or walking too fast or with your friends
Him: (then he laughs/smiles)??
Him: Why not, sure (there is no how he will want to reject your offer at this point)
You: Great! So can I get your number, so when I am free or you free, we can hang out some other time? (Trust me, he will give out the number)
Why? Cause he already sees your Sense of humor?
And he likes it. That’s how to approach a guy you like and want. While you have his number, text him immediately after you get home, and make sure you ain’t cracking boring jokes, please.
You: yah… So, I stay down the road and I don’t mind if we can be friends (smile).

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If he’s in a relationship or told you he has a fiance, please leave him alone. Don’t bestie zone him, don’t friend zone him. You will always get jealous and start acting up to whatever he does. And then you later end up being used and get heartbroken. Stay away.


By Francis David Matthew 


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