“You have such an angelic voice”

Matilda said after Freda finished with a mock bow.

“Where did you learn how to sing this good?”

“My uncle taught me. He’s my music teacher”

“Oh..you have a music teacher? Interesting”

“So will you tell me about your music and your music teacher sometimes?”

Freda nodded, excited

“Okay. Tonight?” Matilda put forth her palm for a truce. Freda placed hers on it and said


She then went back to grating okro, with Freda helping to pick and give to her, while Paul stood by the glass wall, his face and palms pressed on it

“We three kings of orient are..”

Matilda sang the first line and started to hum the tune because she does not exactly know the lyrics.

A child had sang it this evening at the carol , and it has remained in her heart, just as the child’s image kept flashing into her head.

She was quite tiny, no more than Freda’s age, but Freda was plumpy so you cannot exactly guess her age.

But it was the boldness with which she had sang, with this deep voice that totally fit the song, that kept Matilda awe struck.

She had even won the standing ovation of parents and guardians as she sang stanza after stanza, demonstrating each word with her hands.

Freda had done well too, singing “Mary did you know”.

So far, all the children who had sang had her blown away with their bold performances that she kept wondering at this music instructor whom Freda told her was responsible for the school choir.

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She wanted to meet him already.

She continued humming, repeating it over and over as she straightened her hair with her hands, by the mirror.


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