September 18, 2021


Abuja is not like Kano during Christmas, or like Nsukka or any of the places she had been

Whole buildings drapped in dazzling Christmas lights, the evergreen trees lining the smooth, easy highways wrapped in matching red, blinking lights, and the quite, peaceful night occasionally punctuated by the loud, demanding horns of impatient drivers.

Christmas music blaring from shops with earger buyers

Matilda felt a thrill in her heart, watching this city that held so much promises for her, and would soon become her home.

She had no doubts that Christmas here would be fun, and afterwards, she would explore all the beauty it held.

Her phone phone rang. It was Aunty Ifeoma, her host. She had been waiting for her by this roadside for over 30 minutes now.

Now she tries to describe where exactly she was, calling the name of the plaza opposite where she stood, the one that has a big shopping complex.

After 20 more minutes of describing and moving from one place to the other, a car pulled up in front of her.

“Do you have on a black scarf and a black sweater?”

Aunty Ifeoma’s voice said from the other end of the phone, and meanwhile, she heard the same thing from the car in front of her

Aunty Ifeoma was right there!

She called out to her excitedly and got into the car.

The car scented of Christmas.

“Daddy Cool” by Boney M jazzed on as Aunty Ifeoma drove to her house.

Matilda found herself singing along excitedly. There was no Matilda without music

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