September 17, 2021


“Hey..aunty, moto don full, we dey move o”

A man said to her in corrupted English. He had on a dirty singlet that you cannot immediately make out the colour.

He was not the driver, but he had been the one sourcing for passengers under the scorch of the sun and afterwards, the driver will hand him a N100 note, and they will argue about who it was that had filled the bus with commuters, until the driver speeds away, with the young man in hot pursuit.

But the N100 will go for a shot of kwaya and a cigarette, and then he’ll return to calling passengers with bloodshot eyes and an unstable gait.

“Look, Chetah..I promise you, this is for the best, I promise you that when I get to Abuja, I’m going to get a deal with a big record label, and whoops, we’re rich”

Matilda said, trying to lighten the mood. This was what she wanted, but even she knew how larger than life that statement sounded, atleast for now, when things were not seeming like it yet.

Chetah gave her the “We have heard this countless times” look, but the mood did lighten, because she beamed when Matilda took her hands and told her reassuringly that everything will be fine.

Matilda represented so much to them, especially since their mother’s death. She was both father, mother and best friend, but their father had never seen the good in her. He often said that her university education was a waste,all she wanted to do was sing stupid, meaningless songs.

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Matilda hopped into the bus and took her seat by the window. She had reserved this space for herself immediately she got to the park. She wanted to take in all the beautiful scenery.

She had even wished she had a phone with good camera lens, then she would have taken pictures, and make videos of the wildlife and greenery as they journeyed.

Her eyes were on Chetah until the bus left the busy park. She allowed the tears flow freely then, blurring her vision.

Now she wasn’t going to try to stay strong. She was alone. No Chetah, or Tobena, or even papa to show that, try as he may, he would not break her spirits!

Anticipate Episode 5

By Mary Adole


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