A Christmas Love story Episode 1

“And now, ladies and gentle men, parents, teachers, guardians, everyone.. join me as we welcome little Charis for her carol special”

The hall reverberated with applause as a little chubby girl climbed the stage clutching a microphone.

She wore a red gown that clutched tightly at her full chest and flowed down her feet. Most part of her ribboned hair was covered with a green and white Santa hat.

She stood unsure, tottering from one foot to the other and looking down at an invincible object, then there came a single clap from somewhere behind the large crowd, followed by another, until the hall went up in applause again.

A distinct female voice was desperately saying
“Common Charis, you can do this” trying to be heard above the clapping and the shouting.

“O no..I feel terrible right now” Matilda said sadly, bringing her palms to cover her face.

“Hey..what’s wrong?” Matthew asked, pulling her palms off her face.

She could fell his breath as he brought his face close to hers

“But i did my best training her right?” Matilda asked, hoping to hear something reassuring.

Matthew exhaled, letting their hands drop, but still holding them together

“Common babes. You know i’ll be honest with you. You did your best with Charis”

“But why is she..not singing what I taught her”

“Obviously she’s scared. Look at the crowd. Its her first carol performance”

“Silent night..”

She started, in a childish voice that sounded as though she were reciting a poem and not singing.

The hall fell silent

“All is calm..all is bright..Round ye virgin mother and child..holy..”


Then she stopped, stuttered again, trying to remember her lines, but she couldn’t. Then she started crying into the microphone, drawing laughter and pitiful sounds of “ooohh” from the audience.

Matilda’s shoulders dropped in disappointment.

Matthew threw an arm around her, drawing her close reasuringly.

“Let’s go get her.” He said.

A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY follows the exciting love story of two amazing souls, whose lives took different dimensions when they found each other during the Christmas season

Anticipate episode 2

By: Mary Adole


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