Do you want to be attractive to guys? this article ( 8 ways to attract guys easily) is a very easy technique for the ladies. Enjoy reading.

8 ways to attract guys easily

1. Smile:

You look more attractive when you’re wearing a cheerful expression. Like magic, by throwing your crush a smile, you actually become instantly more appealing to him. On top of that, you come off as easy-going, fun-loving, and kind—three things that are totally attractive to guys![1]Try finding reasons to smile in conversation. Pay attention to when he says something interesting or sweet. This is the perfect time to give a soft grin.Even if you haven’t made it to the conversation stage yet, this hack can still help. Make sure you’re all smiles, even from across the room.Your smile is a powerful tool. Don’t be afraid to use it!

2. Make lots of eye contact:

Eye contact causes arousal, which can create attraction. Depending on how well you know each other, eye contact can be useful for different reasons. First, if you’re out at a bar or restaurant, locking eyes with a cute guy signals him your interest (making him much more likely to reciprocate an interest in you!). Plus, the arousal caused by eye contact can be great news for you, too.[2]Use eye contact in a crowded bar to signal that you’re interested. Or, if you’re already in conversation, make sure to hold deep, lingering eye contact while you chat. Either way, this should definitely help your chances!

3. Wear flattering, classic looks:

Guys love simple outfits that look amazing on your figure. Men don’t usually follow or appreciate clothing trends. Try to avoid styles that are a bit eccentric, but super fashionable. He won’t understand the trendiness behind the look, so he may not find it attractive (even if you do look cool!). Instead, go for something that makes you feel confident or another look guys typically love
Anything red, like a cocktail dress with black heels
Anything that looks amazing on your figure

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4. Play with your hair:

Flipping your hair can be a nonverbal signal of romantic interest. One of the key ways to be attractive to a guy is, simply, cluing him into your interest in him. Studies show that by touching your hair, flipping it, or twirling some around your finger, you can hint that you’re interested

5. Go for a sunny, high-energy vibe:

A positive, friendly, enthusiastic personality will be magnetic to guys. Everybody loves hanging around people that make them feel good. By being super warm, excitable, and super outgoing, you’ll just be a genuinely fun person to be around. And if he’s having fun around you, there’s a good chance he’ll feel attracted, too!
Show him that you love having fun.
Talk about fun things you’ve done lately, what you like about work, and avoid complaining

6. Laugh at his jokes:

Guys are attracted to people who think they’re funny. This makes him feel like the two of you are connected through a shared sense of humor. Plus, most guys think giggling is cute. When you’re in a conversation, throw in a laugh to show that you like his humor, and him. Even from afar, laughing can make you look fun-loving and relaxed

7. Compliment him:

Flattering him can open the door to more flirtation and mutual attraction. When you signal your interest to a guy, he’s more likely to have an interest in you. So, don’t be afraid to walk right up and give him a sweet compliment. This will let him know you’re interested, give him a segue into more time with you, and at the same time, show off your kind, positive personality.
love your shirt! It really brings out the green in your eyes.”
I swear, there’s something about your smile! I can’t stop staring.”
You probably get this all the time, but you have amazing arms.”


8. Stay off your phone:

If you’re busy texting, he’ll have a hard time approaching you. When you’re looking to attract a guy in public, avoid anything that might put someone off from coming up for a chat. If you’re chatting on the phone, scrolling on TikTok, or listening to music, you’ll be putting out the vibe that you’re not interested in a conversation.




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