8 signs your partner is not truly in love with you

Sometimes a breakup can be a good thing. That’s especially true if we’re in a relationship that isn’t quite right for us. But it isn’t always easy to spot the subtle signs which might suggest that our partners aren’t truly in love with us.

See the 8 signs your partner is not truly in love with you:

  1. They don’t ever prioritize you.

    They don’t ever try to prioritize you in your everyday life. They don’t ever make it a point to make you feel like you are the most influential person to them at all. It is almost as if you always have to come second after something else. It is either they are going to prioritize their friends, job, or even their own family over you every single time.
  2. They never treat you with respect.

    Respect is something that should come naturally to your partner whenever the two of you are together. It is not as if they don’t care about your dignity. They will always say mean things to you in order to put you down. They will always take advantage of your time and your patience. They make you feel for granted. They always use you as a commodity more than as an actual human being or partner.
  3. They don’t apologize to you when they screw up or hurt you.

    They are not even perfect in the relationship, but they will never admit it. They will never willingly on their own accept that they made a mistake or their shortcomings. It is as if their pride won’t allow them to be let go in favor of the relationship. They don’t even try to apologize to you whenever they screw up. They are just okay like that with disappointing you and making you feel bad
  4. They don’t ever talk about the future with you.

    They don’t even show any initiative or signs to discuss the future with you. It will almost be as if they don’t see the future where you are. They are always just coasting along and doing their own things they want. They don’t even concern themselves with where the relationship is going because it seems they are not all that invested in it.
  5. They do not show any willingness to compromise.

    Compromise is always going to be an essential factor in determining the longevity and success of every relationship. If your partner does not show any willingness to compromise, it is probably because they are still selfish and they do not love you enough to give up their desires and selfish needs. Perhaps it is because they do not like you for real.
  6. They don’t express any interest at all in your life.

    They do not try to express any sincere interest in your life. They do not ask you much about the things that you might be dealing with at work. They do not ask you or border about the things that you are most passionate about. They do not try to participate in any of their favorite hobbies.
  7. They do not open up things to you deeply.

    They do not try to open up to you in any personal capacity. It is as if they are completely okay that way by just keeping you at a distance. They will not want to open up to you and make it seem like they are comfortable with doing so to you. You will always have to force the information out of them. They will never really make you feel as if they trust you enough.
  8. They do not stay mindful of any of your needs.

    Lastly, they do not stay mindful of your needs. They are always just going along doing their own thing the way they want and making themselves happy. But none of your happiness seems to be taken into consideration at all.

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