7 Things You Can Sell For A Bone Straight Wig

We know you have been eyeing that bone straight wig on your timeline for about a month now. You have sent it to all your men and women and they are all airing you. In fact, even anon is suddenly quiet. All of this shame and disgrace for what? Ordinary bone straight? That is why we have compiled a list of things you can sell so you can buy it for yourself.

7 Things You Can Sell For A Bone Straight Wig

1) Kidney
You have two of them for a reason dear, and one kidney is going for about a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars on the black market. Do with this information what you will.

2) Nigeria
Look, we all know this country is moving one kind. You can put it on Jiji for about 60 million naira. That is more than enough.

3) Your actual hair
Do you even need hair on your head when you can have a 24 inches bone straight wig? You can even calculate how much your hair is worth here. Make the right choice today.

4) Eggs
No, not the kind you fry for breakfast. Donating eggs can earn as much as twenty five thousand dollars. How much is the bone straight again?

5) Lagos
In case Nigeria is too much to sell, have you thought of selling Lagos state? Put it for sale for like 20 million. Maybe whoever buys it will finally fix the traffic issue.

6) Your mansion in heaven
With the world’s population, how are we sure everyone that goes to heaven will find mansion? Why not just sell yours now. Heaven might be eternal, but so is drip. Also, did you not see Jesus’ hair on Earth? The original bone straight.

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7) Your partner
Shebi they have refused to buy you bone straight? Sell them!!! Let them be useful.


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