Do you want to know why your wife suddenly lost interest in you as her husband? See the 7 reasons why women lose interest in their marriage.


1. Being emotionally manipulative:
No one loves to be the victim of emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and blackmail.
When a woman discovers that her husband is emotionally exploitative, her means of protecting herself could be to recoil into her shell or be on the offensive. This may end up being interpreted as a lack of respect in a relationship.

2. When she feels like other men do better jobs at being husbands than her husband does:
One of the major reasons why men lose the respect of their wives is because their wives tend to compare. When your wife perceives you are being a poor husband compared to other men, you lose her respect. Every woman wants to feel like she got the best deal. Make her feel like that and you’ll continually be the Alpha in your relationship

3. Aggression:
One of the sad parts of life is that the bully almost always loses the respect of the bullied.
When a wife has come to know her husband as that man who always resorts to aggression to get his bidding done every single time, she may end up putting up physical, mental, and emotional walls as her way of protecting herself.
His aggressive nature can cause a response in her that can eventually be interpreted as a woman who has lost respect for her husband. Women do not respond well when aggression is your thing to control them. Learn to balance it and coerce not attack

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4. Incessant criticism:
When nothing a woman does is ever good enough for her husband, she may become withdrawn, passive toward him, and take up a stance that suggests that his opinions do not count to her again.
Men who retain their respect as far as their wives are concerned are masters at balancing constructive criticism with praise and respect for their wives. Nobody is 100% bad neither is there anyone who is 100% good I try to balance it. Criticism at 30-35% and complementing at 70 to 65%.

5. The husband isn’t as wealthy as his wife
Men generally tend to feel threatened when their wives earn more money than they do. As a result, they may be pushed to cheat on her, exert themselves to reinforce their masculinity (thereby coming off as aggressive), or even become violent to their wives.
As a result, some women may end up responding to their husbands with disrespect, as they try to exert their independence as well.

6. She may be having an extramarital affair When a woman has lost respect for her husband, it could be because she’s having an extramarital affair.
This may not begin as a desire to disrespect her spouse but the thrill that comes from knowing that she has what can be referred to as a plan B can cause her to create this ideal mental situation where she believes that she doesn’t have to defer to her husband again.

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7. He has relinquished his responsibilities as a husband and father
When a man stays updated with his duties toward his wife and children, it is easier for the entire family to uphold their respect for him. However, when a man constantly shows himself to be irresponsible, signs of disrespect in a relationship can begin to show up.



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