7 reasons why men lose interest in their marriages

Wondering why your husband suddenly lost interest in you? Here are the 7 reasons why men lose interest in their marriages.

7 reasons why men lose interest in their marriages:

1. He believes things are going too easy. Sounds weird but men like to hunt and chase if you make him feel you are conquered already he gets bored. When he has the feeling that he doesn’t have to make the effort, he won’t appreciate you as highly.
Have him make an effort for you. Make it challenging. I don’t mean that you should act like an ice queen, but make him woo you or chase you even in marriage.

2. Your sex life is no longer what it used to be. When your sex life is no longer what it used to be (e.g. boring) he will lose interest in you.
So ask yourself if this might be the reason.
Learn to spice things up in the bedroom and get creative.

3. You behave differently than when you first got together. Chances are you don’t even notice this yourself because this simply happens unconsciously.
During the dating phase you might have been:
More relaxed – because you didn’t have high hopes yet.
Casual – because the relationship wasn’t all that important to you yet.
So you very naturally and unconsciously come across as laid back and more relaxed. But after a few dates with him you might think to yourself:
“Gosh, I actually like him.”
And you’ll start behaving differently
You will start to behave differently because you are afraid of losing him.


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4. He thinks you have developed some irritating habits. you’ve probably heard someone say that you should ‘just be yourself at all times. This sounds great but we both know that this is an impossible task.
What I am trying to say is that we are constantly changing, sometimes without even realizing it.
This research shows that we are going through several changes in our personalities.
Therefore, it is possible that you have developed some new habits lately. Habits he simply finds irritating that is causing him to lose interest in you. You can solve this by asking him the following:
“What annoying personality traits have I developed in the past year?

5. You are trying to change him – and he notices this. Men really hate this. Even if you have the right intentions, when you try to change him, it will really irritate him. He likes you, but once he notices that you want to change him, he will distance himself.
Look, men like to be… eh… the man.
When women try to change us – and we notice this – it feels like you don’t respect us

6. He feels like you don’t need him or appreciate him But it is important for men to feel important. He wants to feel that you need him.
If you always act independently, you therefore actually say to him:
”I don’t need a man.”
“My life is great as it is.”
“I don’t really care about us.”
This will set his alarm bells off. He doesn’t feel important and respected at that moment, which is making him more distant.
It is very ironic but men can lose their interest because they have a feeling that the woman is not interested.


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7. He kinda forgot how cool you were.
Like all good hunters, guys are very attuned to what’s in front of them. Which means they’re a lot less attuned to what’s not in front of them. Thinking about you and finding you attractive when you’re not there is an act of imagination that requires extra work. Always be reminding your man how cool you were when he fell for you. So the things you did that made him fall flat. Dress as he likes, be that playful or smart person he fell for constantly show him those things he compliments about you.



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