Do you want to know if your partner is faithful or unfaithful? if yes, then this signs will surely help you find out. Here are the 6 signs that you have an unfaithful partner.


  • 1. They belittle and demean you.

They want to destroy you and make you feel like you are less than you really are. They want to diminish your sense of confidence and self-esteem. They want you to believe that you are completely worthless so that they are able to somehow justify the infidelity and unfaithfulness in their own minds. They will make it seem that since you’re such a terrible human being, it’s okay to cheat on you.

  • 2. They don’t necessarily think in the long-term with regards to your relationship.

They know that there is no chance for your relationship to last for the long haul anyway; and that’s why they don’t really take the time to plan things out with you. They are very impulsive and they are always just living in the moment. They don’t act as if they’re concerned about ensuring the longevity of your relationship at all. They just always stay in the present moment.

  • 3. They are apologists for other people who have cheated in relationships.

They try to justify cheating and infidelity in the relationships of other people. They will try to make it seem like there are some very justifiable reasons for someone to cheat on another person. And their guilt won’t allow them to just not defend themselves. They are guilty of cheating on you and they want o justify their actions.

  • 4. They act as if your relationship is a burden.
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They don’t treat your relationship like it’s a privilege. In fact, they treat it as if it’s some kind of chore. They treat it as if it’s a kind of burden that they are forced to endure. They are obviously not happy about being with you. They find it to be such a hassle to be in a relationship with you; and that’s why they are likely to cheat on you.

  • 5. You catch them flirting with other people a lot.

They have wandering eyes even when they’re in a supposed committed relationship with you. And that’s how you know that something is up. That’s how you know that you’re with someone who isn’t really interested serious about staying in love with you.

  • 6. They downplay the commitment in your relationship.

They don’t really give much value or validation to the “label” that you have as a couple. They try to downplay the significance of the commitment that you have for one another. They are doing this as a form of safeguard for themselves. When they make it seem like you’re not really in an exclusive relationship, they can justify cheating on you.

By Francis David Matthew

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