6 Secrets you Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal life

In a society full of Envy, Jealousy, Deceit and Hatred, there’s absolutely no one to trust. Check out the 6 Secrets you Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal life no matter what.

The 6 Secrets you Should Never Tell:

1. Past Resentments

We all have negative stories about our personal life to tell about people we don’t like. (E.g Remember those schoolmates or former colleagues that you held a grudge against years ago – and maybe still do? Yeah, same here) It’s always best to let go of these feelings and discuss them as little as you can in public.

2. Material Belongings

As we all know, certain things in life are far more important than their cost. But sometimes, we can’t help but brag about the new car we have, or the new phone we just bought at an exclusive price. As much as you might wanna tell otherwise, your colleagues don’t want to know about how you’ve been treating yourself. It can make you come off as arrogant and overly obsessed with the monetary value of things rather than their unique significance. Modesty is a wonderful accessory. You should try and spread it throughout your conversations.

3. Goals for the Future

You might find this unlikely, but there is actually science behind the fact that you’re much more likely to achieve your long-term goals if you don’t share them with others. When you tell others about your future aspirations, you almost feel as if the enjoyment of achieving the goal has been taken from you. As a result, you don’t work as hard towards it. If you keep your goals to yourself, however, you have a much higher chance of achieving them. And once you have done that, feel free to tell the whole world about it.

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4. Your Income

Only one group of people should be allowed to know the details of your income, the people who work with you. Money is never a nice subject to talk about in public because you never know what anyone’s financial situation looks like. It may seem like you’re bragging without meaning to. Money – and knowledge about finances – can shift relationships irreparably. Once your financial situation becomes public knowledge, people just start looking at you differently without being able to help it.

5. Good deeds

You may have heard that good deeds always attract good karma. That’s true, and you should never be discouraged from doing good – however, if you start bragging about it, it takes on a whole different perspective. Once you brag about something good that you’ve done, you’re making it all about yourself, thus invalidating the good that you’ve already created

6. Family Problems

Whether it’s your extended family or your blood relatives, keep the problems in the family. Don’t abuse people’s trust. You’ve been told those secrets because you are close to these people, but they haven’t allowed you to spread them around to everyone in your social circle. They confided in you, and breaking that confidence is the worst thing you could possibly do.


By Francis David Matthew


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