September 17, 2021

5 Reasons Why you should consider investing in cryptocurrency

You aren’t informed to only consider venturing into cryptocurrency, as a Crypto Trader, but also as an investor. And what could this imply? You should know this, for a business system to have an investment plan as one of it options, it shows how reliable and profitable it yields in returns, so also it is with cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset/currency, in the form of “coin” or “token” operated digitally,  in a decentralised system. It is now seen as the new oil well, and legalised means of making money. This could be as a result of it being operated digitally and also having effective chances of making profitable returns from both Trade and Investment. 

In today’s edition, we shall be uncovering the merits and importance of investing in cryptocurrencies. Before looking into that, we should know that cryptocurrencies vary in numbers, but are categorised in two forms, which are Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

Any currency modeled after bitcoin, is referred to as Altcoins and in some cases, shitcoins. This currencies are really evolving, due to it having some similar features with the popular Bitcoin- BTC

       Investing in Cryptocurrency

Here are solid reasons, on why one should invest in cryptocurrency. They are:

  1. Simplicity: this is as a result of the ease in getting signed up on a Crypto platform, and also creating a Crypto account, including the coin bag- crypto wallet. All of that can be done at your comfort, without having to battle with any complicated terms and conditions. 
  2. High Profitable Returns: it high profitability rate, doesn’t stop it from being risky. Although there is no such investment without risk involved. like other firms having an investment plan, crypto currencies defers, it returns yields profitable, owing to your strategic planning and analysis of the coin charts. And surely when beneficial, you get massive returns. 
  3. Transparency and Security: all crypto platforms are  equipped with security options, to avoid unfair practices from hackers or cyber criminals. So also, nothing is hidden from you, all you have to know about your purchased coin, it analysis are all at your reach. 
  4. Nation’s Adoption of Cryptocurrencies: cryptocurrency is said to be highly beneficial for investment, a reason pointing out on how too many nations are now adopting it as a means of payment. This could sound well for every smart investor. 
  5. Favorable Options: one can be a Crypto trader and also invest in coin purchase. The trading Cryptocurrencies with zero experience, could be so alarming, due to your absence of knowledge on how the stock market operates. If you should find this difficult, The better option is to purchase coin for investment, and this would be for a long term goal. And due to the favourable options of forecast and price growth of some altcoins in the coming months or years, you could see yourself smiling at your wallet. 
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Cryptocurrency evolves everyday, and investing in it despite risk of coin downfall, ain’t a bad idea.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera



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