Today I witnessed a Jacki Chan live action.

I also witnessed an act of selflessness even in the face of real danger, then I did put my acrobatic skills to good use too.

I feel so proud of myself right now, and even though it had been a real frightening experience, one that could have left me dead by now, I am relishing the adventure, and I will be doing so even to my great grand children, of how I fought two vicious looking men on masks that had attempted to kidnap me and a friend, during my service year.

So Tayo and I were nearing the outskirt of the forest, where he had dragged me into when i fainted.

It turned out, here was his regular spot.

He said he frequents here to waddle in the small stream when it grows hot.

God knows i never would have followed him here if i were conscious and in my right mind

The place was eerily quite, with the chirping of strange birds occasionally piercing the air.

I kept leaning towards Tayo as we proceeded out of the forest, with me occasionally questioning his reasons for bringing me here.

I was angry at him. I had almost punched him hard the moment I regained consciousness and found myself lying before a river, my body all wet with muddy water

My first thought was that I had been kidnapped and was waiting to be killed. This was the trendy thing these days, and I had my heart in my mouth. In my head i was already planning my escape

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I had carefully scanned the area for my assailants, and then I saw this extremely short man coming out of the stream, butt naked.

I’l spare you!

My mind did not immediately register this person, and another thought that, I was in the midst of some aliens, was beginning to form in my head.

I closed my eyes and started to mutter pleas to this “alien” asking him to please spare my life, as he drew closer, this thing dangling in between his legs

With my eyes still tightly shut, i felt him stand over me for a while.

Then I heard my name….

To be continued..


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