Job interviews are second level assessment procedures in a recruitment process.
They are held with the basic goal of verifying and ascertaining all the claims you’ve made about your exceptional ability to deliver results on your Cv.
This is on the side of the recruiter.

For you as a candidate, who believes and is confident in her ability to deliver results, it is an opportunity to decide if the organization will be the right fit for you
You’re supposed to achieve this by preparing with your own questions.
However, in as much as you have burning questions that will clear your mind of every doubts, not every question should make it out of your mouth during an interview.
Let us look at 5 of those questions you shouldn’t ask during an interview, briefly.

  • What is the company all about, or what kind of products or services do you offer?
    This immediately portrays you as quite unserious.
    It is expected that you would have gathered enough information about the organization before coming
    There are better ways to ask about something you still feel confused about. Ask specific questions like ” what is the company’s culture like, or “are there professional development opportunities in place?”
  • What am I expected to do in this role?
    This is just like the first question above.
    Of course you should know what the roles of a customer service representative are, for instance.
    You can ask more specific questions like “what will success looks like in this role? Or “how does this role interact with other roles?”
  • Salary.
    I know that amongst other things, this is foremost on your mind. You immediately want to know if the salary will be befitting for you.
    However, asking about salary during an interview, especially when the interviewer did not bring it up first can make it look like you’re more interested in the job for money reasons
    Ideally, salary will come up after you have been offered the job. A salary and renumeration package is offered alongside, then you can negotiate if you can, when you are not satisfied with the offer
  • Rumor  has it..
    “I heard that your company was involved in a legal suite with xyz company, was this true”
    “I heard that, you had issues with NAFDAC over expired goods”
    This sounds sort of unprofessional. If there were such rumors about the company, verifying the facts would help you put it more appropriately.
  • Personal questions
    It isn’t wrong to feel at ease with your interviewer by finding common grounds to strike conversations. However, you should know when you’re crossing the border line.
    Avoid asking questions that especially has nothing to do with the business at hand, like “are you married, or “what type of cologne do you use”
    You not only make the person feel uncomfortable, some questions could also come off as inconsiderate.
    You may ask, “Your linkedin profile shows you are an alumni of xyz I also graduated from there. Please what year did you graduate?”
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