A cover letter, like a CV, is one of the most important tool you’ll need to prove your ability to deliver results, anytime you have to present your case before a potential employer

I know for most of us here, the focus is not on getting a conventional job where you get paid at the end of the month, or get some stipends every now and then

But even so, I believe you still need to write Cover letters when you need to convince a client that you are the best fit, and how you go about writing this, is what concerns me

A Cover letter is a more elaborate document than the Cv, in that it builds on the more static, summary of your credentials structure of your CV

A cover letter connects all the elements on your Cv, interpreting the information in such a way that there is a coherent flow of thoughts.

Written with the first person pronoun, it should have a personalized touch, but rid of sentimental opinions

After ensuring that the letter is properly adressed (remember the letter writing format you were thought in secondary school?) and titled, get on to the first paragraph, which is usually the most important

When the hiring manager picks up your letter, he should have a feel for who you are, a star candidate, and how having you onboard will be beneficial to the organization

Highlight your best skills and strengths, which by the way, should be relevant to the job role.

Don’t go mentioning the skills you’ve got in accounting for a role in customer service, except of course, if this has been highlighted in the job description or if you feel that they are relevant.

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This section should also state how you had learned about this opportunity. This is especially beneficial, if you had heard through a referal affiliated with this organization, who’s higly respected, say a supervisor

A cover letter should not exceed three paragraphs. So in the next paragraphs, elaborate on your work experiences, detailing your achievemtents and accomplishments with words that portrays you as an achiever, not just a performer

Align your skills, values and goals with the organization’s and explain how what you do can be mutually beneficial to you and the organization

Be mindful and thorough with your Choice of words. You do not want to sound beggerly, like “please give me this job, if i don’t get it, i might..”

Next, prompt the hiring manager to read your CV by stating that you have attached a copy, then proceed to close your letter

And have yourself portrayed as the only candidate for the job.

By Mary Adole