Boko Haram Executes Kidnapped Soldier, Policeman

A breakaway group of Boko Haram has discharged a video demonstrating the execution of a soldier and a cop.

In the video, individuals from ISWAP, the breakaway Boko Haram group, executed the two security faculty.

In the 49 seconds video, the two security faculty who were snatched a week ago while going among Maiduguri and Monguno presented themselves after which they were immediately shot dead.

As indicated by the killed security work force, they were out traveling from Maiduguri to Monguno when they were trapped and stole by the extremists whom they portrayed as “Tilafa armed force”.

One of the killed staff who talked in Hausa stated, “my name is Yohanah Kilus, I am policeman, my rank is Assessor, I was stole among Maiduguri and Monguno; I am directly in the authority of Tilafa soldiers.”

The second stole faculty, stated, “I am 13NA/70/8374, Spear Corporal Emmanuel Oscar, I was caught by Tilafa’s along Maiduguri to Monguno.”

Soon after that, the video demonstrated two equipped men pointing AK47 rifles at the two faculty bowing with their countenances blindfolded. Shots were all the while discharged and the two security faculty were murdered.

It isn’t clear when the video was shot. Be that as it may, it was discharged three days after suspected Boko Haram agitators assaulted a town in Gubio neighborhood government killing at any rate 81 inhabitants.

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