20 Reasons Why Love Fail

Love failure simply means the end of companionship with your partner, This article discusses 20 Reasons Why Love Fail

20 Reasons Why Love Fail:

1. Finances

One of you might be a spender, and the other might be a saver. How people handle money can be a cause of conflict in relationships, especially when both sides are opposites in terms of their financial habits. This often leads to fights and ultimately, it can lead to the end of relationships as well.

2. Different Sex Drives

Everyone has different levels of sex drive. Some people want it multiple times a day, while others are happy and content without it at all. The likelihood of two people in a relationship having the same sex drive is not always good. But without a healthy sex life, the relationship turns into a friendship or roommate situation. When intimacy is lost, people feel emotionally distant from one another

3. ​Different expectations

It is not easy for a couple to walk a journey together for a long time if they have different expectations for life or the future. Over time, a couple’s expectations in the relationship may differentiate, as they begin to see their respective life plans as “what I want,” instead of “what we want.”

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4. ​Communication issues

It is one of the top reasons for break-ups and divorce. Communication issues often take place due to contempt, which is the opposite of respect. Contempt is often expressed via negative judgment, criticism, or sarcasm regarding the worth of an individual. This destroys the health and well-being of a romantic relationship.

5. Lack of time

In the list of what makes relationships fail, lack of time is an inevitable concern.
The majority of couples don’t give their relationship time. Everything in life is all about time management. If you are thinking what are the top reasons for relationship breakdown?
Your relationship requires time. Show me a successful relationship and I will show you the amount of time given to it by the two parties.
The dearth of time is one of the most critical reasons why relationships fail.

6. Trust is nowhere to be found

Trust matters a lot in every healthy relationship. The lack of it brings disharmony to a relationship. The lack of trust in the relationship is like a car without gas. You can sit in it but you won’t be able to go long enough.
It is another major reason why relationships fail woefully
Learn how to trust your partner. Stop being too suspicious all the time. You can also try trust-building exercises to make your relationship healthy.
You must trust your partner irrespective of their physical proximity or lack of it. Do not stifle your partner with unnecessary, self-serving restrictions, and learn to trust them, unless you have corroborative evidence of instances of their infidelity.

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7. Improper definition of the union

Every relationship needs to be defined before starting it.
The importance of defining a relationship is that it will help the two parties to know what the union is all about.
Some don’t define their relationship at the initial stage. The result of it is usually a “breakup”
Your partner may be expecting the relationship to end up in marriage not knowing that your motive is different from their own. This is why relationships fail.
Define your relationship before starting it up. Make your partner realize what the relationship is all about. Whether it will end up in marriage or not.

8. The relationship is based on material things

Most people fall in love because of their partner’s appearance, achievements, or whatever.
You don’t start a relationship because you feel your partner has what you need. You fall in love because you love them.
That is why you need to know the difference between love and infatuation.

9. There is little or no commitment

How committed you are to your relationship will determine its success.
If you don’t show seriousness in your relationship, it will fail.
How committed are you to your partner and your relationship? Do you show any concern in your relationship at all?
If not, it will fail. Lack of commitment is why relationships fail.
Commitment is an important pillar of the relationship. So, stay committed to your partner and avoid infidelity if you wish to see a future with them.

10. You focus only on your past

Most people are tied down by their past relationships. You keep thinking about it. The fact is that the more you keep remembering your past, the more you are going back. You have experienced a breakup before ‘fine’ but you can still move on.
Don’t allow your past relationship to destroy your present one. Don’t let your past be the reason why relationships fail.


11. Life Challenges

Each of us has our baggage to carry. Sometimes, this baggage can be too much for one person to handle, such as a family problem or an issue with a past relationship.
A person who still keeps in touch with an ex can ignite distrust, suspicion, and jealousy with the current flame and put a strain on the relationship.
Inform the ex that everything is in the past and that you are serious with the person you’re with.
Children from a previous relationship can also affect the current relationship and be the reason why relationships fail. Make sure you know how to handle this.

12. Unfaithfulness

It’s hard enough to be in a relationship and maintain it, but what makes it even more difficult is infidelity.
Unfaithfulness is the ultimate destroyer and one of the most prominent reasons why relationships fail.
It’s not easy when a person is being cheated. It can cause such emotional turmoil that the betrayed person chooses to walk away from the relationship. It can become useless to be in a relationship when trust has been broken.
Commitment makes all the difference when one is in love. Commitment is what makes one person continuously choose their person despite any difference or adversity. Try to be empathetic and stop the affair to keep the sanctity of your relationship intact.


13. Habits and behaviors

Loving someone has to be unconditional. This means that you need to accept him or her for who he or she is, flaws and all.
However, there are just some mannerisms or habits that can be quite annoying to the point where someone might walk away from the relationship because of them.
Simple things like not putting the toilet seat back down, leaving dirty clothes on the floor, or not putting the cap back on the toothpaste can trigger a person to end the relationship.
Other things that can also end a relationship are fighting in public, nagging, physical abuse, degrading your partner, unreasonable jealousy, and lying.
Adults should be capable of knowing what is wrong and what is not. Each of us needs to do some self-reflection and change for the better if we want the relationship to work out.
We might have to change some of our flaws to make our partners happy. If you truly love your partner, a small change should not be difficult.

14. Lack of respect

When you get married, you always have to think of the best of your spouse. They are your best friend after all, and it is them who you will be facing the rest of your life with.
When you think the best of them, you are showing respect and mutual respect is part of the foundation of a healthy marriage
You won’t get along always, but that’s okay. The goal of a healthy argument is to find balance and compromise. You both must also work on appreciating your differences.

15. Being too conceited

Some people tend to put themselves first. They look at relationships as opportunities and wonder what the other person can do for them instead of what they can do for the other person. That’s mostly why relationships fail.
You need to start putting the other person and their needs and wants before your own.
Look back and think about the last time you took your partner out or bought them a gift out of nowhere. Start doing these small things in your next relationship and see where it gets you. Hopefully, after this recalibration, you won’t find yourself griping, “My relationship is failing.”


16. Focusing on the party too much

Some couples have a lot of fun together.
This can work for a little bit of time, but it won’t work in the long run. There may not be much substance behind the relationship once the hangover wears off.
You need to remember to focus on spending time together while sober. If you want a mature relationship, you need to grow up yourself. Change your focus.
Don’t let frivolity in life become one of the reasons why relationships fail. It’s also important to get the help you need if you do see yourself spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle.

17. Personal insecurity

Some people suffer from insecurity. This can cause them to get jealous too quickly. It can also cause them to be crazy or invade another person’s privacy.
Tip: Learn to be secure in yourself and your relationship. Do this by working on your self-esteem in your own time as well as practicing self-control. When you do notice, yourself feeling insecure, find ways to distract yourself and focus on your own life.
18. Not being there for your partner
There are times when your partner needs you, or your emotional support. If your partner is lonely despite being in a relationship, this is a sign of a relationship failure.
When you get married, you are committed to choosing your spouse always. Not just on their good days, but also, on their bad days
Stay with your spouse through thick and thin. Ask them how their day went each day. Understand their emotional troubles and offer them help before they ask for it.

19. Comparison with others

When you are comparing your relationship with other people, this is a bad sign in the relationship. Every relationship is unique and is customized according to the individuals involved in the relationship.
Besides, not everyone showcases their problems on social media.
Stop being overwhelmed by the picture of happy couples. Every relationship has problems and couples usually know how to deal with them. The grass might look greener on the other side but once you water the ones on your side, they’d be as green too.

20. Not expressing emotions

When the couple stops expressing their feelings in the relationship, they are likely to feel disconnected from each other. The meta emotions of the couple should be aligned with each other, or else this is a serious sign of bad relationship health.
Use as many ‘I’ statements in the relationship and keep them short and sweet. Keep on practicing and at the same time, do not judge your spouse.


By Francis David Matthew 


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