16 Habits that makes a Man run after a Woman

Good men and women are hard to find. By good, we mean the right ones who have the perfect, most-wanted habits and know when to do what without being told. If you, a man, have seen a woman like that or have one for yourself, you are lucky.
Those of you who don’t, let me tell you those habits which differentiate the perfect woman from the rest so that you have an easy time looking for one because life is pleasant with her around. Below are the 16 Habits that makes a Man run after a Woman.

16 Habits that makes a Man run after a Woman:

1. She Initiates:

Be it asking out, the first date, first text, etc, you will notice her initiating. Do not expect her to do everything because, of course, you want to be involved too. But if she does not believe in the stereotype of men doing everything and does not hesitate in being the first one to text or to call, she is worth pursuing.
Such women know that the world does not fall at their feet and they are supposed to make effort just as you are. Such attitude should be appreciated since it is the exact opposite of what the stereotype says.

2. She Cares:

It is very important that the woman you pursue cares about you. If she does not feel the same way about you and does not give a damn about your life, it won’t, quite obviously, work out. So if she expresses her feelings for you via actions even before you have pursued her, she should be given a chance.
And if after you have pursued her, she cares just as much, you are one lucky lad. Besides meaning other things, it means that she is not into playing games but actually holds the relationship sacred. That is one important thing you need in your girl.

3. Respectful, No Matter What:

She has a sense of respect for you. Do not think of yourself as a semi-god if she does; do not get boastful and proud. If she respects you, it only means that she loves you in a civil way. If there is a fight and she chooses to keep quiet at the moment so that there is no scene created for the public to see, she cares about the respect and reputation of the both of you.
A real relationship works that way. If it goes the other way around; if she yells and embarrasses you for small matters and does not respect you or the relationship, take a U-turn.

4. Has Her Own Life:

Her world does not revolve around finding the right person to date. She has her own life, her friends and family and work are all close to her and make you want to be a part of it all. This is a sign of a self-dependent woman who knows where her priorities lie.
If you pursue a woman who spends most of her time looking for the right guy instead of focusing on where the rest of her life is going, she might get a little too attached to you because of the fear of losing you. And that won’t be pleasant. Find someone who is enough for herself.


5. She Has Her Life Sorted Out:

We all have a little problem or two here and there, it is fine to have a little mess in life but if she has most of it sorted out and is still interested in you, it means she is only, clearly, interested in you because of your personality.
You are not someone she wants to clear her mess but only get through life with. People tend to look for someone so that they can have their help all day all time to get their mess cleaned up and their matters sorted out; that kind of companionship can suck the fun out. She wants you for selfless reasons if she has everything sorted out.

6. She Wants You For Who You Are:

Your money does not interest her because she has enough of her own. She is a person with enough sense and maturity who knows better than to have a person for fulfilling her financial needs. She will have a job of her own and a career which will make it clear that she only wants you for your love, for who you are.
Even if she does not have a job yet, she will have enough insight into her future which will make it clear for you to judge that you are only wanted for your presence. It is necessary that the love two people have for each other is free of all the worldly things.

7. Does Her Part In The Bedroom:

Just like being the initiator and financially stable, she should be someone able to show her importance in every aspect of the relationship. You surely do not want to date someone who makes you do all the work and does nothing by herself. Especially in bed, that attitude can be pretty annoying.
On the other hand, someone who plays their part just the right way to make things more exciting is so much more attractive. It not only makes you like more but makes it difficult for you to see any reason to leave them. Sex is not the most important part but it is somewhat important.

8. Proud of You:

It is a good thing if she likes to brag about you to her friends and family and is not afraid to tell the world about you. It means that she is proud of you which is a sign that she is genuinely interested in you. Take pride in her pride in you because there are fakers everywhere who would do anything to have a fling and move over.
Good partners are hard to grasp. If she is not hiding her interest in you, that also means that she is being truthful about everything because as much as people want to hide their relationships, they have a higher chance of being a pastime.


9. Appreciates You:

Instead of telling you what she wished you were like, she appreciates what you are. Your habits, desires, and goals do not bother her but they are all truly supported by her. Having someone around with negative energy, who constantly tells you to get a better life, can be depreciating and unhealthy.
Do make sure she is satisfied by your ways of living because even if she is financially stable and cares for you, her constant nagging will make you regret your decision of pursuing her. Things will then get messy so it is better you take care of it before pursuing her.

10. She Listens:

For her, it is all about making you feel good after a long day. Partners often fail to empathize and end up competing as to who is more tired or stressed at the end of the day. If she keeps her stories aside when you are talking about your day and waits for you to finish before sharing her day, she is worth pursuing.
She has enough respect and value for you that she is ready to help your first with anything that is bothering you. This kind of love, or whatever you think it is, is rare and worth keeping. It is one of the most needed habits in a woman worth pursuing.

11. A Happy Soul:

She ends things on a positive note. Her relations with people who she does not like and has a dramatic past with are still friendly, although not too friendly. What is meant here is that she knows better than to keep talking about people who no longer play a role in her life.
For her, the present is all that matters and the people who stayed are worthy of her attention.
She is not catty towards those who left and those who did wrong. This behavior tells you a lot about a person, in general, even if you are not trying to judge if they are worth pursuing.

12. Never Talks You Down:

Some women tend to make fun of their men with their girlfriends out of jokes. Even when she is alone and away from you, she cannot possibly talk you down in front of her friends. Your bad habits and every other flaw are kept safe in her and all your secrets are hers to bear.
This has to be the most important habit in the woman you want to spend your life with.
It tells you a great deal about how much you can trust her before letting her in on the bigger parts of your life. When she keeps your secrets safe, it automatically increases your respect for her.

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13. Gives You Space:

She is not the typical stay by me all the time’ girlfriend. She knows how the world works and how the time has to be divided equally between friends, girlfriend, and family. She understands the concept of space and be ready to let you have your guy-time and me-time.
This ability of hers to understand your requests makes her worthy of pursuing and keeping. Someone with a mature mind is always fun to date.

14. She Trusts You:

She is not the kind who nags whenever you are doing something different or off-schedule. Instead, she leaves you to your decisions because she knows her worth and waits for you to explain to her if anything goes unexplained.
She remains calm and organized if she does not understand a situation and later pokes you with a small query. As they say, there is no love if there is no trust. So make sure she is not the nagging kind before you pursue her.

15. She Makes Everything Fun:

She may be organized and settled but she loves to have fun with you. Silly tantrums and cute shenanigans keep the relationship alive and active; she makes sure of it. Besides everything serious going on in life, she knows the importance of having light, fun-filled conversations that lift your mood up. It would be a plus point if she has an outgoing disposition but an average woman would know that humor is as important as maturity in love and life.

16. She Lets You Be You:

There are times when we do not feel like having anybody around, be it our partners or anyone important. She respects that feeling and lets you have a day by yourself where you can zone out and play video games. A bad day for her is enough to understand your situation. Every day in a relationship is not spent hugging and cuddling, there are days when the distance grows and if she waits and tries for it grow shorter patiently, she is the right woman; she is worth pursuing.


By Francis David Matthew


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